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20 Super Cool Bulletin Boards You Can Set up Yourself ...

By Eliza

A bulletin board is the perfect way to corral all your stuff and keep your entire life organized. But I'm not talking about the plain, old, boring bulletin boards you remember from your childhood. Nope! There are lots of really fun and really cool ways you can dress up your board so that it melds with your style and decor. Here are some great inspirations. Have fun!

1 Cute Patterned Burlap Bulletin Board

brand,pattern,design,advertising,Bread, Source: Getting Organized: DIY Burlap Bulletin

2 Create Your Own Custom Wall Organization Board with Cork Tiles

room,wall,modern art,art,mural, Source: How to Make Your Own

3 Make a Fun Border

room,property,house,wall,home, Source: Classroom DIY: DIY Bulletin Board

4 A Board, Burlap and Twine Bulletin Board

picture frame,Board,,Burlap,Twine,bulletin, Source: A $2 chalkboard, burlap and

5 Vintage Desk Makeover and Craft Area

room,furniture,shelf,design,interior design, Source: Vintage Kids Desk turned Pink


art,brand,paper,document,T9e, Source: 25 easy DIY projects

7 Add a Pop of Color to Your Room with This DIY Mood Board

Hello Apparel,art,furniture,brand,design, Source: Pin This! 20 Beautiful DIY

8 DIY Bulletin Board for Your Home Office

room,furniture,art,shelf,cabinetry, Source: DIY Bulletin Board - Sofa

9 Such a Gorgeous Piece to Hang over Your Desk

room,furniture,product,interior design,shelf, Source: IHeart Organizing: Glitter, a Promo

10 DIY Corkboard - Any Pattern/design Would Work!

art,picture frame,brand,pattern,Sept., Source: Pretty In The Pines: DIY

11 DIY Burlap and Nail Heads

picture frame,art,scrapbooking,feisofo,e_oire, Source: featherings: For the Burlap

12 Include an Inspiring Message

room,furniture,interior design,SIMPLE, Source: Batchelors Way: Office Redo

13 Here's a Fun Way to Stay Organized and Add Some Flair to Your Dorm Room

art,picture frame,design,label,Walmart, Source: Organization Board Tutorial! - Girl

14 Get Totally Organized

green,room,art,interior design,design, Source: Decorate Your Clipboards with Lable

15 So Easy with a Large Piece of Cork

room,wall,furniture,living room,interior design, Source: DIY Dorm-Friendly Decorations

16 DIY Grid Bulletin Board System

art,brand,picture frame,Invites,Cupcakes,

17 Go with a Color Theme

pink,room,product,interior design,art, Source: 50 Organizational Tips That’ll Make

18 Fabric & Ribbon Corkboard DIY

art,picture frame,scrapbooking,pattern, Source: How to Make a Fabric

19 How to Make a Framed Bulletin Board

room,wall,art,home,picture frame, Source: How to Make a Framed

20 Sheet Metal Bulletin Board

room,green,wall,living room,home, Source: Riveted sheet metal magnet board

Which one is your favorite? Will you put it up in your house today?

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