DIY Stockings That'll Spread Some Cheer ...


DIY Stockings That'll Spread Some Cheer ...
DIY Stockings That'll Spread Some Cheer ...

It's getting close to Christmas so you're probably preparing to hang your stocking by the chimney with care. You don't always have to hang the same stocking though. If you want something new and fun for yourself and your family, there are lots of fun ideas here that give you a big stocking for all your loot and a festive thing to hang in your home for the holidays.

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Monogram Stocking

Monogram Stocking Source: Christmas Stockings Tutorial - Sew
An initial is a really cool way to identify which stocking belongs to who.


Handmade Quilted Stockings

Handmade Quilted Stockings Source: 12 DIY Christmas Stockings–Handmade Holiday
Got the quilting gene? Quilted stockings are really fun.


Sweater Stockings

Sweater Stockings Source: 10 Ways to Repurpose an
Repurpose an old sweater into your new Christmas stocking.


Traditional Stockings

Traditional Stockings Source: 10 Preatty Christmas stockings for
Use plaid or houndstooth fabric to create these festive stockings.


Embroidered Felt Christmas Stocking

Embroidered Felt Christmas Stocking Source: Craft Project: Christmas Stocking
Isn't this cute?


Patchwork Stocking

Patchwork Stocking Source: Christmas Stocking Tutorial FabricWorm
Use up your fabric scraps to make this cool stocking.


Use Neutral Colors

Use Neutral Colors Source: 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY
There's no rule that says you have to use red and green to make your stockings.


It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details Source: Top 10 Interesting DIY Christmas
Could you do something like this?


Old Sweaters

Old Sweaters Source: From Sweater to Christmas Stocking
Here's another great way to use up some old sweaters.


Denim Stocking

Denim Stocking Source: Embroidery Library - Machine Embroidery
Use an old pair of jeans to make this cool stocking.


Festive Fabrics

Festive Fabrics Source: Christmas Stocking Tutorial FabricWorm
Festive fabrics are always a great option when you're making stockings.


Wool Christmas Stocking

Wool Christmas Stocking Source: Personalized Christmas Stocking, Rustic Stocking
Isn't this a fantastic wintery stocking?


Personalized Christmas Stocking

Personalized Christmas Stocking Source:
A name is never a bad idea for your stockings.


Cute Little Wooden Initial on Stockings

Cute Little Wooden Initial on Stockings Source: COUNTRY GIRL HOME
Cute, isn't it?


All a Little Different

All a Little Different Source: stockings!
Let everyone choose which kind of fabric for their stocking.


Leftover Fabric Scraps

Leftover Fabric Scraps Source: stocking


Pet Stocking

Pet Stocking Don't forget to hang a stocking for your furry friends!

Which one is your favorite? Will you be making it this year?

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Those all look so cool especially the quilted ones

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