17 Amazing Things You Can Make out of Pallets ...


17 Amazing Things You Can Make out of Pallets ...
17 Amazing Things You Can Make out of Pallets ...

Pallets are the perfect solution whether you own or rent, whether you have tons of space or just a little, whether you're handy and artistic or the exact opposite. They're perfect for interior and exterior design, plus you can build just about anything you might need.

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An Outdoor Bar

An Outdoor Bar Source: lovethehereandnow.com

A painted pallet, a top made of, oh, anything you like, and you're done. Though, you could add casters if you like, and make it mobile. Make it wider, build it longer – endless possibilities, pals.


And the Ultimate Chill-out Spot to Go with It

And the Ultimate Chill-out Spot to Go with It Source: frecklesandfluff.com

Seriously, if you don't have a lot of money or space for outdoor seating, this is so easy and cheap to make! Plus, of course, you can basically customize something like this any way you want.


How about a Swing Bed?

How about a Swing Bed? Source: themerrythought.com

Swings are the best things, but a swing that doubles as a bed? That's even better. Imagine summer days spent stretched out on your porch or under your favorite tree!


Try an Indoor Wine Bar

Try an Indoor Wine Bar Source: thepoorsophisticate.blogspot.com.au

Actually, it would be easy to follow this tutorial and adapt it into a dining room table or even a kitchen island.


Speaking of Dining Tables

Speaking of Dining Tables Source: scraphacker.com

A little labor intensive, yes, but very light on the budget. Grab your sweetie, your bestie, or your roommate for a weekend project!


Keep Your Cups Handy

Keep Your Cups Handy Source: onelittlebirdblog.com

Frequent drinks of coffee and tea should always keep their favorite cups and mugs close to hand, you know. This is also just a really cute piece of kitchen décor.


A Gardening Nook

A Gardening Nook Source: ourlittleacre.blogspot.com.au

How cute is this? It's ideal if you have dedicated space for your gardening toys, but it's also perfect if you need to make the space for all your green thumb essentials.


Nooks for Your Books!

Nooks for Your Books! Source: meandmadeline.blogspot.com.au

I love this idea, especially in small spaces where it's better to build up than out. This idea allows you to have basically as many bookcases as you want without taking up a bunch of real estate.


Here's a Practical Pallet Idea

Here's a Practical Pallet Idea Source: ana-white.com

Laundry rooms almost always need extra room – somewhere to keep the dryer sheets, the baskets, the laundry bags, something.


An Easy, Adorable End Table (or Two)

An Easy, Adorable End Table (or Two) Source: instructables.com

No need to put down $100 for a nice pair of end tables. No need to troll the antique shops for a matching, or at least sturdy, set. Also, to be honest, building your own pallet table is easier than putting together something from IKEA.


Beyond the Picket Fence

Beyond the Picket Fence Source: hometalk.com

Fencing is pretty expensive … unless you do it yourself. And since there are approximately seventy-seven thousand ways to use pallets for a fence, you can create any kind of fence you like at an unbelievably low cost.


Your Very Own Ottoman

Your Very Own Ottoman Source: domesticsuperhero.com

This is ridiculously easy. Like, you will be amazed – and tempted to make more than one, probably.


An Effortless Herb Garden

An Effortless Herb Garden Source: countryliving.com

Imagine – fresh herbs whenever you want them, and displayed so beautifully! Bear in mind that pallets are excellent for gardening in general. You can even use them to make your own raised flower and vegetable beds!


A Stunning Headboard

A Stunning Headboard Source: catheywithane.com

Heather and I need a headboard and since I have a thing for crows, blackbirds, ravens, et cetera, I think … I think this needs to be our headboard.


Build Time with Your Own Two Hands

Build Time with Your Own Two Hands Source: thistlewoodfarms.com

Imagine, telling time on a clock you build with your own two hands!


This Beautiful Bench

This Beautiful Bench Source: designsponge.com

Benches are ideal for seating. They're cute, practical, and they don't take up a lot of room, yet they provide a few much-needed extra seats. The best part is how easy it is to create benches with hidden storage space.


A Home for All Your Shoes

Source: palletfurnitureplans.com


Funny to think that something people usually throw away can be repurposed into so many different pieces. Ever think of becoming a pallet maven yourself?

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