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8 DIY Anchor Home Dcor Projects to Give Your Space a Whimsical Nautical Vibe ...

By Meream

Looking to add a touch of nautical to your home? You can start with the most obvious symbol: the anchor. There are many wonderful DIY anchor projects out there. We give you here a list of the cutest under the home décor category. Hope you like them!

1 Styrofoam Anchor

Styrofoam AnchorYes, this gorgeous DIY anchor décor is made of Styrofoam. It looks store-bought, doesn't it? But it's great proof that paint, patience, and the hands of a crafty person can create something that can compete with factory-made items. To make your own, this project will require foam sheets, foam cutters, paint in blue and white, and some rope.


2 Anchor Pillow

Anchor PillowThis would look absolutely cute in a beach cottage. Or your little boy's room. This is a simple stenciling project that you can do on any blue pillow. Red should work, too. You don't even have to sew the pillow case first. Any blue or red from the store should be perfect for this DIY nautical craft idea.


3 Wall Art

Wall ArtIsn't this cute? This is another simple idea that you should be able to recreate using watercolor and ink. This involves drawing and painting an anchor on paper and then pasting it to a thick cardboard base. Hang and enjoy. Easy, right?


4 Marquee

MarqueeThis gorgeous DIY anchor project is more than just a décor, it's a functioning porch light, too. The metal anchor part for this project was procured from a store. You can probably find one at a flea market or from Craigslist. Of course, making your own is also a great option.


5 Wood Art

Wood ArtIsn't this lovely? Not only would this make a nice décor for your home, I think it's a great gift idea as well. And so easy to make! Basically, you get a pre-cut anchor shape from the craft store, a wooden plaque, and some paint. Paint the wooden plaque in stripes of gray and white. Blue and red or red and white are great alternatives, too. Let dry, paint the anchor shape, and then glue said shape to the wooden plaque. Hang and enjoy.


6 Stool

StoolStill got some paint from the wall art DIY anchor project? If you also happen to have a plain wooden stool lying around, try this fun and simple furniture transformation. Paint the whole thing white, add stripes to the seat, and then stencil an anchor shape on top. Add rope details to the legs for extra nautical oomph.


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7 Pillow Case II

Pillow Case IIFor those have lots of scrap fabric in nautical colors and prints lying around, this fun DIY anchor home décor idea is for you. This project will require both hand and machine sewing. Apart from the fabric and sewing tools, you will also need stuffing and a printer. The latter is for printing the pattern provided with this fun tutorial.


8 Rope Art

Rope ArtItching to make a DIY anchor wall art but can't find a pre-cut anchor shape? Don't worry, rope should do nicely. You simply form an anchor shape and glue to a painted wooden background, let dry, and then call it a day. Don't you just love easy, fun, and pretty DIY projects?


I think I'll have a go at the Styrofoam idea from this list of DIY anchor projects. It's the perfect reason to get myself a foam cutter.

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