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Oozing whimsy and cultural appeal, DIY nesting dolls are fantastic craft projects. They come in different forms, too. Some are of the traditional variety, making use of blank wooden Russian dolls. Others come in the forms of wall art and hanging ornaments. They're made of materials other than wood and paint, too. Check out the following nesting doll DIY projects and drown in all the cuteness.

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Painted Plain Dolls

Painted Plain Dolls We start our list of DIY Matryoshka projects with an idea closest to the traditional pieces. You can get a set of plain Russian dolls from craft stores or on Etsy. They come in different size families and because they're blank, they make the perfect painting or decoupage project. This tutorial will give you great tips on how to go about making your own whimsical nesting dolls.



Matryoshka Plaque

Matryoshka Plaque How beautiful! A painting project may not be something that you want to do so we give you this great DIY nesting doll idea. This one involves only decoupage and wooden plaques. This is a great alternative for those who can't find a good source of blank nesting dolls. This is also a wonderful recycling project since it calls for the use of old magazines.



Nesting Dolls Ornaments

Nesting Dolls Ornaments This tutorial will give you ornaments but these dolls are not strictly for holiday use. You can hang them in your home all year. Won't these be cute as baby mobile components? They'd be great as garlands, too. To make these hanging ornaments, you will need felt in different colors, printed fabric scraps, cotton floss, fiber fill, and ribbon.



Pompom Russian Dolls

Pompom Russian Dolls This Matryoshka doll looks quite impish, I love it. This is a fun and easy project for those who work a lot with yarn. A specific pompom-making tool was used here but you can also do this by hand. To give your nesting dolls different colors, you will need to wrap several hues of yarn around your fingers. To showcase the neck area, you will need to tie a piece of yarn around it. Glue goggle eyes and you're done.



Nesting Doll Eggs

Nesting Doll Eggs Easter is right around the corner and it's imperative that we find the cutest egg designs to work with this year. Following the theme, we give you this Matryoshka doll idea. These were made by Mod Podging various origami paper onto plastic eggs. This can also be accomplished by painting, of course.



Knitted Matryoshka Doll

Knitted Matryoshka Doll Skilled with the knitting needles? Check out this wonderful Russian doll knitting pattern. You will be making the body with the cute white and red pattern by the bottom. The face and hair are made of felt with embroidered eyes, nose, and mouse. The hair is glued embroidery thread.



Printable Matryoshka Dolls

Printable Matryoshka Dolls This fun DIY project will give you printables that you can do so many things with. You can print them and hang as garland. They're absolutely adorable as gift tags, too. You can also print them as stickers for your planner and scrapbooking projects.

I am off to buy blank nesting dolls. Hopefully, I can get them locally. How about you? Would you be trying some of the DIY Matryoshka doll projects listed here?

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