Fun DIYs to Bring Color to Your Life ...

By Jennifer

Fun  DIYs to Bring Color  to Your Life  ...

Since September 2011, Houstonian Ashley Rose has been giving me major life envy, so I'm thrilled that she's shared exactly how she's made all of her ultra-gorgeous, bright and colorful DIY projects... so I can have a tiny bit of her style, and you can too! Here are a few of my all-time fave Sugar & Cloth DIY projects.

1 DIY Floral Macarons

Instructions at:
These are almost too pretty to eat! ... almost.

2 Fruit Necklaces

Instructions at:
These look like they'd end up a sticky mess, but not worries: they're made of make-believe fruits.

3 Confetti-Pattern Plates

Instructions here: ‌‌
Truly, is there any better way to display your macarons (during that few seconds they haven't been eaten yet)?

4 Glam Camera Strap

Instructions at:
Aaand now the pricey camera strap I bought a few weeks ago means nothing to me.

5 Injectable Donut Holes

Instructions at:
The color and flavor combinations are endless, but my favorite is already covered: chocolate.

6 Watercolor Throw Blanket

Instructions at:
This would make such an awesome gift... or, you know, something for you to just keep for yourself.

7 Drake on Cake Birthday Macarons

Instructions here: ‌‌‌
‌I mean, really... this might be my favorite thing ever.

8 Pool Float Costume for Your Dog

‌‌Instructions here:
‌What puppy pal wouldn't want a cute pink flamingo or sparkly unicorn pool float costume?

9 Widlflower Macarons

Instructions at:
Okay, I'm not complaining AT ALL, but a lot of these DIYs are all about macarons. Yum!

10 Clay Decanter

Instructions at:
Ever wondered what to do with all of those empty Patron bottles? Me neither.

11 Plate Clock

Instructions at:
This is much, much prettier than the ugly plastic digital clock I'm using right now.

12 Easter Macarons

Instructions at:
This DIY comes with a fab recipe for royal icing. Bookmark, stat!

13 Statement Printed Plates

Instructions at:
You can make these with any print you want, but it's going to be tough to beat pink flamingos, am I right?

14 No-Sew Throw Pillows

Instructions at:
You'll never guess what these gorgeous envelope pillows are made of. Ready? Napkins. Yeah!

15 Potted Cactus Macarons

Instructions at: ‌‌‌ and ‌

This DIY project is so prickly (and fantastic), she's done it two ways. Which do you like best?

16 Raspberry Smoothie Bowl Bites

Instructions at: ‌‌‌

This is more of a recipe than a DIY, but it's so tasty (and they're so pretty!) I couldn't leave them out.

17 Taper Candle Holder

Instructions at:
Okay, now I want to see the DIY for the candles themselves. Anyone have a link?

18 Super-Chic Bento Boxes

Instructions at:
My Bento boxes came from the grocery store, are made of plastic, and are ugly. Time to make these ones!

19 Printable Wall Art

Instructions at:
This isn't so much a DIY as it is a PIY (print it yourself). Which of these will you print and hang?

20 Seersucker Tea Towels

Instructions at:
I might have a slight obsession with tea towels, so I might have to make these immediately.

21 Glasses Case

Instructions at:
Ha! I love this punny little sunglasses case!

22 Retro Beach Umbrella

Instructions at:
What color would you choose for your umbrella and fringe? I'm thinking pink with mint.

23 Marble & Gold Accent Table

Instructions at:
I want to make this table, and also, I want this apartment.

24 Pom-Pom Beach Bag

Instructions at:
This is the cutest beach bag ever! I'm going to be sad when I have to put it away for winter.

25 Citronella Candles

Instructions at:
These look like they'd be difficult to make, but they're not.

26 Hexagon Serving Boards

Instructions at:
Now I also need the recipe for whatever is inside those little pineapples and apples.

27 Macaron Swizzle Sticks

Instructions at:
For the true macaron lover, like me. And you?

28 Floral Chandelier Garland

Instructions at:
You can make this for a party using real flowers, or keep it for much longer with silks.

29 Cool Keychains

Instructions at:
I plan to make a set of these to hand out as stocking stuffers this year. Love!

30 Brass Ring Wall Art

Instructions at:
I'm kind of in love with copper right now, so I'd make this out of copper instead... or oh! Maybe rose gold!

To see more Sugar & Cloth DIY projects, follow @sugarandcloth on Instagram.

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