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DIY Your Own Chic Holiday Sweater ...

By Jennifer

I know I just said "chic" in the title of this bit, and I swear some of these DIY ugly Christmas sweaters will be glam enough to rock for seasons to come, but some will be downright dorky. Which will you make? Let's find out.

1 Whooville's Prettiest

clothing, dress, costume, She went all the way with this classic Christmas look. Love!

2 Artsy

hair, red, pink, hairstyle, moustache, This is very organized and artistic and creative, as though made by an engineer who's also a designer.

3 Jingle All the Way!

clothing, people, costume, SAANS, I love the little felties... so much to see!

4 She Wins!

christmas tree, christmas decoration, christmas, NIGHT, 1-831131, Honestly, her sweater could be a lot uglier. She's just not trying.

5 Light Em up

pattern, design, textile, Oh, wow. I love the use of lights.

6 Over the Top

clothing, christmas decoration, flower, petal, floristry, I have no words.

7 Oh Wow

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, art, sweater, I think my gran may actually have this sweater, minus the DIY add-ons.

8 Couple Goals

Couple Goals Aaand he went there.

9 Grumpy Cat

clothing, pink, sleeve, t shirt, dress, Wow, she's got mad DIY ugly sweater skills.

10 The Junior Version

clothing, christmas, christmas decoration, For the little ones, so they're not left out.

11 Just Kitten!

clothing, costume, toy, I wonder what the front looks like!

12 Cute Bow

hair, red, clothing, dress, lady, Her bow's so cute, I almost didn't care about her crochet tree.

13 Actually...

jewellery, necklace, green, fashion accessory, chain, I might actually wear this sweater, for real.

14 Office Mates

clothing, costume, They actually sort of coordinate.

15 Nice!

people, christmas, family, I love the blue; you don't see many ugly sweaters in blue.

16 Ha!

Ha! Love the lollipops, mom!

17 More Couple Goals!

More Couple Goals! Rudolph had a little too much fun.

18 The Stockings Were Hung...

color, image, fashion, GENUINE, AUSTIN, I love that she used tiny socks!

19 Grinch-mas

clothing, green, t shirt, outerwear, illustration, Because your man likes to get crafty sometimes, too.

There are so many marvelous bits of ugly sweater inspo... which will you make and wear to your holiday parties?

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