Creative DIY Easter Centerpieces You and Your Guests Will Love ...


Creative DIY Easter Centerpieces You and Your Guests Will Love ...
Creative DIY Easter Centerpieces You and Your Guests Will Love ...

There are so many DIY projects for Easter decor but what if you're looking for something with a little sophistication? Maybe shabby chic is more your style than cutesy and fluffy? If you’re wondering how you can implement a more sophisticated attitude into your Easter homage this year, here's an assortment of DIY Easter centerpiece ideas together with some suggestions for materials you can use to create them, or alternatives if your heart isn't into crafting.

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Glass Dome Flora & Carrot DIY Easter Centerpiece Design

Southern Living, flower arranging, flower, floristry, flower bouquet,

Who loves carrots? bunnies of course. If you're not feeling crafty, this charming piece will do the trick.
floristry, flower, $101 from


Cherry Blossom Easter Egg Tree

centrepiece, flower arranging, flower, floristry, lighting,
If you don't want to make your own arrangement, this is a stunning start. All you have to do is decorate with eggs.
flower arranging, branch, ikebana, plant, floristry, $575 from


Pretty Pink Posey Egg Display

pink, flower, flower arranging, flower bouquet, plant,

These eggs are just what you need and are pretty enough to keep on display all year round.
food, easter egg, product, $40 from


“the Grass is Always Greener” Easter Egg Dish

green, grass, plant, food, grass family,

Any footed glass bowl will do the trick. I like this because it will create a linear display.
table, furniture, lighting, dishware, glass, $15.99 from


Jolie Mason Jar Spring Bouquet

flower arranging, flower, flower bouquet, pink, plant,

Of course you can't beat fresh spring flowers but they last such a short time. Horchow has the most amazing collection of faux florals and you'd never know they aren't real.
flower arranging, flower, pink, flower bouquet, cut flowers, $295 from


Metropolitan Metallic Easter Egg Display

pink, flower arranging, flower bouquet, flower, purple,

A cylindrical bowl is just what you need to start creating your own version of this lovely, whimsical display.
flower arranging, flower, centrepiece, plant, floristry, $39 - $49 from


A Mossy Path Egg Arrangement

flower arranging, floristry, flower, plant, centrepiece,

Complement your moss eggs with some real eggs in a moss nest.
flower arranging, floristry, flower, flower bouquet, christmas decoration, $39.50 from


Snow White Blossom Log DIY Centerpiece for Easter

flower arranging, flower, floristry, plant, cut flowers,

Add some pizzazz to your log display with a glittery rabbit.
mammal, stuffed toy, toy, rabbit, rabits and hares, $16 from


“Peeping” Pink Tulip Planter Display

flower, plant, flower arranging, floristry, land plant,

A stunning indoors porcelain planter will look good whatever flowers you choose to pot.
flower, plant, flower arranging, grass, floristry, $318.75 from


Farmhouse Robin’s Nest Tabletop Arrangement

food, egg, easter egg, egg, produce,

A pack of 36 pastel colored eggs will stand you in good stead for your Easter creations.
egg, product, food, toy, $11.97 from


Rustic Easter Egg Candle Wreath

christmas decoration, textile, flower,

The basis of any candle display is of course the candle. Creamy beige or bright white?
candle, lighting, light fixture, lamp, decor, From $4 from


Green Gingham Bunny Runner Display

room, floor, living room, interior design, home,

If your Easter table is always far too laden to allow room for extravagant centerpieces and displays, go to town on the runner instead.
reptile, sea turtle, turtle, pattern, illustration, $125 from


Alice’s Easter Cup Tea Party

christmas tree, christmas decoration, flower, HON, SMP,

Create a magical display using papier mache eggs that are ready for you to paint, cover with fabric or decoupage.
egg, pebble, material, $11.16 from


Classic Spring Blossom Bunny Display

flower, branch, floristry, spring, modern art,

Twig rabbits will add a fun aspect to your Easter bunny display.
art, rabits and hares, hare, sculpture, rabbit, $15.50-$23.50 from


Pretty in Pink Floating Fishbowl

pink, flower, petal, food, centrepiece,

What do you need for this first off? Why, a fish bowl, of course.
man made object, lighting, glass, wine glass, stemware, $76.99 from


Petite & Sweet Spring Bird Nests

green, christmas decoration, branch, Are,

Give your nest some sparkle with these foil eggs.
glass, lighting, vase, candle, glass bottle, $17 from


Here Comes the Sun: Lemon & Yellow DIY Easter Centerpiece Décor

yellow, plant, flower arranging, centrepiece, flower,
Just choose your favorite shape of apothecary jar.
product, bottle, drinkware, glass bottle, lighting, $29-$55 from


“at the Easter Bunny Hop” Centerpiece

petal, flower, meal, centrepiece, cake decorating,

A hammered stainless steel rectangular tray provides a lovely base for this type of centerpiece if you don't want white.
lighting, light fixture, rectangle, ceiling, sink, $28 from


True Blue Blossom Easter Egg

blue, lighting, centrepiece, food, flower,
A simple cake stand provides the perfect base for this fancy egg. Leave it plain or decorate it with some greenery.
furniture, table, structure, wood, shape, $35 from


Easter Rainbow Pine Cone Bouguet

flower, plant, flora, land plant, flowering plant,

Your finished pine cones will look great in beautiful blown glass canisters.
glass, wine glass, centrepiece, lighting, stemware, $49.50-$59 from


A Gatsby Easter: Elegant Tulip Vases

centrepiece, flower arranging, meal, floristry, flower,
Tulips are a perfect Easter flower. You can follow the look above or make a show of single or double stems in these terrific wall vases.
product, lighting, art, twig, shelf, $48-$83 from


Trendy Tabletop Easter Egg Hunt

flower arranging, flower, floristry, pink, centrepiece,

Make your table egg hunt more fun with chocolate eggs.
easter egg, food, glass, ball, ®.'Y, $12.75 from


Pretty Parisienne Egg Cup Bouquets

flower, flower arranging, purple, lilac, violet,

Of course you need some pretty egg cups. Match the flowers to the shades of the cups.
cup, product, vase, ceramic, porcelain, $32 from

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