How to Make Easter Gift Baskets ...


How to Make Easter Gift Baskets ...
How to Make Easter Gift Baskets ...

Easter baskets are a fun option rather than just handing over a chocolate egg. They show just how much thought and effort you put into an Easter gift and are much more special than a store-bought confectionery item. Easter baskets are also suitable for any age because you just fill them with associated products. They are also more personal because you fill them with products you know the recipient(s) will like. These YouTube videos will show you how to make Easter gift baskets.

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If You Want to Get Really Crafty ...

Ideal if you want to buy your candy/eggs but want something special to present them in.


$1 Easter Baskets

Seriously! If you have a Dollar Store or Pound Shop near you, you're all set for a budget-friendly Easter.


Crochet Easter Basket

Girls with nimble fingers with a crochet hook can make these darling little baskets ready to fill with mini eggs.


Hop to It

These darling little bunny terracotta pots are a nice take on the Easter and basket theme.


One for the Grown-Ups

Wine is a more sophisticated Easter gift than a chocolate egg, don't you think?


Budget FRiendly Easter Gift Baskets

Hit up your local Dollar Store or Pound Shop for tons of ideas.


Twine Baskets

These are cute and when you only want something small, it saves you from splashing out on lots of gifts to fill a bigger basket.


When Easter is Just like Christmas

If you like to splurge a bit on your Easter baskets, these will inspire you


Spring Has Sprung

A neat little idea for anyone with a green thumb or to encourage kids to garden.


Easter Candy GETS a Makeover

How clever is this? No way can your candy gift be called boring!


A FoAm Basket That Will Give You FOMO

A nice way to present an egg!


If You Can't Be Bothered with Lots of Videos ...

Watch this one. It contains 30 Ideas for DIY Easter gift baskets.


For Decorating or Giving

This is a win all round. You use recycled products (and eggs) and they double as a gift or decor.


Paper Baskets

These are neat and cute and a charming way to present eggs or candy.


A Sophisticated Look

Follow along if you want your Easter baskets to be Instagram-worthy.


Of Course, if You Want an Edible BAsket...

*** It needs to be made of chocolate! Are you brave enough to try?


Finishing Touches

This will take your basket to the next level.

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