7 Simple Easter Crafts to do with Your Kids ...


7 Simple Easter Crafts to do with Your Kids ...
7 Simple Easter Crafts to do with Your Kids ...

Simple Easter crafts are perfect for kids because they can finish a fun project without getting frustrated. I love to do a quick craft with my kids after school because it gives us a fun activity to share and look forward to. It’s also a great way to create some cute decorations to scatter throughout my home. I know I won’t win any awards from Architectural Digest, but my kids’ creations always make me smile. Here are a few simple Easter crafts that you can do in less than hour while also having some fun and creating memories with your little ones.

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Marbleized Paper Eggs

Marbleized Paper Eggs This craft is easy and it gives you some really beautiful creations when you’re done. This is one of the best simple Easter crafts I’ve ever come across, which is why it tops my list. It can get a bit messy, so you may want to take it outside if the weather cooperates. Start by spreading some shaving cream on an old cookie sheet. Help your child use his hands to smooth it out. Next, dribble several drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream. Give your child a toothpick and have him swirl the colors all over the cream. Cut large eggs out of paper and press them into the shaving cream. When you pull them up, use a small squeegee or butter knife to scrape the shaving cream off the paper. What you’re left with is the food coloring. Let the eggs dry, then hang them up.


Cotton Ball Lamb

Cotton Ball Lamb Easter and spring bring all those cute little baby animals that your kids love. To make this adorable lamb, you’ll need a sheet of black construction paper, a handful of cotton balls and a couple of shaky eyes. Trace your child’s hand on the paper and help her cut it out. Turn it so the fingers point down and become the lamb’s legs. The thumb will be its face. Let your child glue the cotton balls all over the body of the lamb and add the eyes. There – you’re done!


Gluing the cotton balls is not only fun but also a great activity for developing fine motor skills. For an extra touch, cut out a little rectangle of black paper for the lamb’s head, and let your little one add a tiny pink paper nose or draw one with markers. Don't forget a couple of small pieces for the ears! If your child is a fan of color, they can personalize their lamb by using colored cotton balls or dabbing a bit of non-toxic paint onto the white cotton for a pastel effect. This woolly project is sure to bring a smile and can be a delightful addition to your Easter decor!


Tissue and Clothespin Butterflies

Tissue and Clothespin Butterflies Easter signifies new life so one of the many icons you see is butterflies. That makes them a great craft for little ones. Start by piling a couple of pieces of tissue one on top of the other. Cut them down to about 4 inches by 8 inches. Squeeze them together in the middle and secure with a clothespin. The tissue should stick out the sides like wings. Let your child add a face to the clothespin body with crayons, paints or markers.


Yarn Eggs

Yarn Eggs This is a craft that’s suited to older kids, but young ones will still love it even though you’ll have to offer lots of help. Start by putting a good amount of glue in a bowl. Thin it out with some water. Next, blow up several small balloons. Cut a skein of multi-colored yarn into several pieces. Dip the yarn into the glue mixture and swirl it around so it’s completely covered. Lay the yarn pieces, overlapping one another, on the balloons. Hang them upside down to dry. Once the yarn dries, pop the balloon and remove the pieces. Presto – beautiful yarn eggs you can hang up.


Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears It’s not Easter until the bunny visits, so it’s fun to make your kids their own bunny ears to celebrate. Start by cutting a strip of white paper. Wrap it around your child’s head and staple to form a headband. Next, give your child white and pink paper to resemble ears and let him glue them to the headband. Place it on your little one’s head and watch him bounce around delivering eggs.


Mosaic Cross

Mosaic Cross If Easter is a time where you focus on Christ’s death on the cross, making one with your kids is a good way to talk to them about the religious aspect of this sacred holiday of the Christian church. Cut a cross out of brown paper. Tear up several sheets of multi-colored construction paper. Let your child glue the colored pieces of paper to the cross to create a stained-glass inspired mosaic.


Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies Lilies are one of the symbols of Easter, so they are fun to create with your kids. Start with a coffee filter that you’ve cut several triangles from around the edge toward the center. Help your child twist the middle of the coffee filter, arranging the edges to form the flowers petals. Let her paint the inside of the lily with yellow paint. Once the paint dries, secure a green pipe cleaner around the twisted edge of the coffee filter to form the stem. Make a whole bouquet if your child wants to!

Do have a favorite Easter craft from your childhood? I love doing crafts with my kids and I hope these ideas inspire you to do the same. Let me know which one is your child’s favorite!

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