7 DIY Easter Projects That Are Fun and Festive ...

Easter DIY projects are always fun. Whether you’re crafting with your kids or baking for your next big Easter party, the warmer the weather gets, the more appealing DIY Easter projects seem! No matter what you plan to do this Easter, there’s something on this list for you that you must check out!

1. Glitter Eggs

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I decided to try my hand at this Easter egg DIY last Easter, and while the results were amazing, the rest of it was messy. This is a project you might want to forgo with small children. It’s one of the simpler DIY Easter projects, but I think a warning needs to be in effect for how it will leave your kitchen. Simply dip your eggs in glue, and then roll them around in piles of glitter. It creates the most gorgeous Easter eggs ever, but the dangerous glue and glitter combination is something that you need to know before you delve in.

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