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28 Glitzy Gold-dipped Craft Projects for Your Home ...

By Lisa

If you want to add a glamorous touch to some of the items in your home, allow these gold-dipped craft projects to provide some inspo. Gold-dipped items like vases, mugs, ornaments and even jewelry can make things a lot more interesting and they look so cool. I bet once you get started dipping items in gold, you won't be able to stop!

1 Gold-dipped Wooden Bar Stools

Gold-dipped Wooden Bar StoolsVia Gold Dipped Bar Stools
Gold-dipped bar stools make a chic addition to any room.

2 Gold-dipped Coffee Mug

Gold-dipped Coffee MugVia 5 DIYs You Can Do ...
Your coffee will be so much tastier when you drink it out of a gold-dipped mug.

3 Gold Dipped Glitter Feathers

Gold Dipped Glitter FeathersVia April | 2014 | Just ...
Feathers dipped in gold and gold glitter are to die for!

4 Gold Dipped Balloons

Gold Dipped BalloonsVia The Ultimate New Year’s Eve ...
Make your party even more festive with super shiny balloons.

5 Gold-dipped Log Candle Holders

Gold-dipped Log Candle HoldersVia 12 DIY Candle Holders
Gold-dipped log candle holders will instantly make any room a little cozier.

6 Gold Dipped Glassware

Gold Dipped GlasswareVia DIY Gold Dipped Glassware diy ...
Enjoy your beverages with glassware dipped in gold.

7 Glitter and Gold Dipped Mason Jar Candles

Glitter and Gold Dipped Mason Jar CandlesVia Glitter and Gold Dipped Jar ...
Reuse any glass jar as a chic candle holder.

8 Gold -Dipped Glasses

Gold -Dipped GlassesVia Gold Dipped Glasses by Emily ...
Plain old drinking glasses get a glam makeover.

9 Gold-dipped Mirror Frame

Gold-dipped Mirror FrameVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Mirror / ...
Give your dorm room or any room a little more personality.

10 Gold Dipped Vase

Gold Dipped VaseVia Sita Montgomery Interiors: Quick Change...Gold ...
A simple gold-dipped vase can elevate the look of any bargain vase.

11 Eggs Dipped in Gold Confetti

Eggs Dipped in Gold ConfettiVia Community Post: 19 "Speggtacular" Ways ...
Next year, dip your eggs in gold and color for a fun look.

12 Gold-Dipped Jars/Vases

Gold-Dipped Jars/VasesVia DIY Gold Painted Vases
Gold-dipped jars makes fab centerpieces or decorations.

13 Gold-dipped Balloons

Gold-dipped BalloonsVia Follow {this is glamorous} : ...
These balloons are dipped in gold confetti whereas #4 was painted in gold leaf.

14 Gold-dipped Spoons

Gold-dipped SpoonsVia The Perfect Palette: I'm Dreaming ...
For your next gathering, don't just put out plain old plastic cutlery, dip them in gold glitter.

15 Gold Dipped Plant Pots-

Gold Dipped Plant Pots-Via Gold Dipped Plant Pots- Guest ...
Bright aquarium gravel and gold spray paint take your plant to the next level.

16 Confetti Dipped Pumpkins

Confetti Dipped PumpkinsVia DIY Confetti Dipped Pumpkins for ...
Add some color and major glam to your home with colored pumpkins and confetti!

17 Dipped Brick Bookends

Dipped Brick BookendsVia Easy DIY: "Dipped" Brick Bookends ...
Bricks can make a fabulous bookends!

18 Gold-Dipped Ornaments

Gold-Dipped OrnamentsVia How To Make Gold-Dipped Ornaments ...
Give old ornaments with a quick dip in gold for a fun update.

19 Gold-dipped Earrings

Gold-dipped EarringsVia Simple Gold Dipped Earrings -
The same goes for earrings, give any pair an instant makeover with gold.

20 Gold-dipped Canvas

Gold-dipped CanvasVia
A simple way to dress up your walls without spending a fortune.

21 Gold-dipped Notebooks

Gold-dipped NotebooksVia eat sleep cuddle.: To Do.
Make your journal or any old notebook much more interesting with gold leaf.

22 Gold-dipped Bowl

Gold-dipped BowlVia How To: Make a DIY ...
Follow this tutorial to make the faux-porcelain bowl from clay.

23 Confetti-dipped Accessories

Confetti-dipped AccessoriesVia DIY Confetti Dipped Flats + ...
Give your flats, purse or anything you please a dip in confetti. It'll instantly make you smile!

24 Gold-dipped Coasters

Gold-dipped CoastersVia DIY Gold Dipped Coasters | ...
Gold-dipped coasters would make a great gift for your coffee table or friend.

25 Gold-dipped Light Bulb Chandelier

Gold-dipped Light Bulb ChandelierVia You Can Totally DIY This ...
Who knew old light bulbs would make such a chic chandelier?

26 Gold-tipped Ballet Flats

Gold-tipped Ballet FlatsVia DIY Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats
If you want to give your flats the gilded treatment, but don't want to use confetti. Follow this spray paint tutorial!

27 Gold-dipped Tote

Gold-dipped ToteVia Check Out Our Tote-ally Cute ...
Who wouldn't want to be seen with a fun, gold-dipped tote? This tutorial shows you how to make the tote.

28 Gold-dipped Rock Candy

Gold-dipped Rock CandyVia DIY Edible Gifts | Gold ...
I'm all for edible gold and these gold-dipped rock candy gifts are just too adorable!

Do you have gold fever now? There is just so much you can do with some gold leaf or gold spray paint! Let me know if you decide to try out some of these fun DIYs.

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