8 Cute DIY Projects for Your Dorm Room ...

This year is all about cute DIY projects for your dorm room. Not only will they help you to save some cash, which is always a good thing, but they give your room a unique look, and they are great for quickly updating your dΓ©cor if you get bored easily like me. I’ve been searching out some of the best DIY dorm room projects, and here are the ones that I’d definitely recommend!

1. Bucket Organiser

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I don’t know about you, but my dorm bathroom is REALLY small. I mean, the shelf is just big enough to hold some shampoo and conditioner, so there’s no way my make up collection is going to fit on there. The solution? A really cute hanging bucket organizer, like this. You’ll need a strong coat hook, which you can grab from any DIY store, and some good quality rope. Then, collect up a few matching or co-ordinating buckets, and tie rope around the metal supports on the bucket. They’re super cute, and very easy to clean, too!

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