29 Crafty Things to do with Paint Chips ...


29 Crafty Things to do with Paint Chips ...
29 Crafty Things to do with Paint Chips ...

They're free. They're fabulous. They come in every color of the rainbow and then some. They're available all over the place. What are these magical little things - paint chips! You might call them color swatches. You might call them color charts (like we do in the UK). Whatever, grab a pile the next time you're at the DIY or home store because it's time to learn some paint chip crafts.

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Paint Chip Calendar

Paint Chip Calendar Via PAINT CHIP CALENDAR
A stylish way to organize your week. Better than a dry wipe board or regular calendar.


DIY Mobile

DIY Mobile Via DIY Better-Than-Paint-Chip Mobile
So many colors. So many options.


Ombré Chevron DIY Necklace

Ombré Chevron DIY Necklace Via twindragonflydesigns.com
An easy introduction to making your own jewelry.


This charming piece utilizes those colorful paint chips you can snag for free at your local hardware store, transforming them into a stylish statement necklace. First, choose a range of hues to craft that perfect ombré effect. Next, cut the chips into small, uniform chevron shapes. Connect each piece using jump rings and a chain, arranging them so they create a trendy gradient. Finally, voilà—a chic accessory that adds a pop of color and a dash of creativity to any outfit! It's a unique way to recycle those paint samples and showcase your DIY flair.


Ombré Hearts Canvas Art

Ombré Hearts Canvas Art Via joann.com
Use a paper punch and do it in any color you like.


Dream Catcher Mobile

Dream Catcher Mobile Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Seen on Etsy but an idea you can copy the idea for yourself.


Paint Chip Wreath

Paint Chip Wreath Via DIY project: Paint chip wreath
A simple way to inject color to a room.


Paint Chip Wallpaper

Paint Chip Wallpaper Via 24 Creative Ways To Decorate ...
So clever.


DIY Bunting

DIY Bunting Via DIY Garland Bunting: 25 Free ...
Now, who couldn't make this?


Paint Chip Book Marks

Paint Chip Book Marks Via Welcome to Scrappin' Cat's Creative ...
So many ways to make paint chips into bookmarks.


Handmade Card

Handmade Card Via handmade card 25 - Designer ...
Let your imagination run wild when using paint chips o make greetings cards.


Creating a handmade card is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a fun way to showcase your creativity. Take different shades of paint chips to form colorful mosaics, shapes, or even ombre effects that add a unique touch. Use a combination of pastel or vibrant hues depending on the occasion. Embellish with glitter, ribbon, or buttons for extra charm. Each card you make from these little color samples is a personal piece of art that can brighten someone's day. The thoughtful effort behind a DIY card is sure to make the recipient feel special and appreciated.


Gift Tags

Gift Tags Via 26 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Hacks
And if you're making cards, make gift tags too.


Paint Chip Mobiles

Paint Chip Mobiles Via Wedding DIY: Chic Upcycled Paint ...
Easily made with shapes other than stars too.


Little Boxes for Jewelry

Little Boxes for Jewelry Via Clutter-Free Classroom: BOXES MADE FROM ...
Cute aren't they?


DIY City Skyline

DIY City Skyline Via Popular random on imgfave
Clever hey?


Paint Chips under Glass on Table

Paint Chips under Glass on Table Via Crafts & Activities | Babble
What a great way to give an old coffee table a makeover.


DIY Paper Heart Wall Art

DIY Paper Heart Wall Art Via 25 Teenage Girl Room Decor ...
Great idea for a teenage bedroom or dorm room.


Ombré Paint Chip Earrings

Ombré Paint Chip Earrings Via Ombre Paint Chip Earrings & ...
Never again be without the perfect earrings to match that outfit.


Christmas Reindeer Ornament

Christmas Reindeer Ornament Via ajflipitdesigns.com - Home
Make trees, angels, stars ...


How to Make Paint-swatch Organizers

How to Make Paint-swatch Organizers Via 46 Crafts Made with Recycled ...
A colorful way to keep your stuff neat.


Christmas Paint Chip Confetti

Christmas Paint Chip Confetti Via 18 Paint Chip Craft Ideas ...
Not just for Christmas. You could do this for weddings, birthdays, well any occasion really.


Paint Chip Egg Garland

Paint Chip Egg Garland Via The 36th AVENUE | 20 ...
Easter's not too far off.


The Paint Chip Egg Garland is a whimsically colorful way to decorate for the spring season. Gather a collection of paint chips in your favorite pastel hues, easily found at your local home improvement store. Cut them into adorable egg shapes and punch two holes at the top of each "egg." String them together with a lovely ribbon or rustic twine for a charming touch. This garland will drape beautifully across a mantel or window, and it's a delightful craft that even the kids can help with, making it a fun family activity for the holiday!


Paint Chip Jewelry Card

Paint Chip Jewelry Card Via Lots of Features of Last ...
A simplistic way to present handmade jewelry.


Creating a paint chip jewelry card is not only visually appealing but also resourceful. Choose a vibrant paint chip to serve as the backdrop for your earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. To add a personal touch, punch holes or attach small loops to secure the jewelry in place. It's an eco-friendly option that transforms a simple piece of cardboard into a chic gift presentation. Plus, the variety of colors available allows for endless creativity — match the jewelry to the paint chip for a coordinated look, or contrast them for a bold statement. This DIY approach adds a thoughtful charm to your handcrafted treasures.


Cheapo Address Cards

Cheapo Address Cards Via DIY Paint Swatch Projects
Well you’ve spent all your money on moving so ...


Cutlery Holders

Cutlery Holders Via Crafts & Activities | Babble
Yes you can sew paint chips.


Valentine Paint Chip Heart Wreath

Valentine Paint Chip Heart Wreath Via Valentine’s Day Ombre Paint Chip ...
Better get cutting out those hearts.


DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror

DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror Via Best of 2012 - DIY ...


DIY Mosaic

DIY Mosaic Via Paper Mosaic Art - Paper ...
Did you love doing mosaics when you were a kid?


Remember the joy of piecing together vibrant tiles and watching your creation come to life? Well, it's time to reignite that passion! Bring a touch of nostalgia to your decor by transforming simple paint chips into a stunning DIY mosaic masterpiece. Whether you opt for a chic wall piece or a dazzling tray to hold your trinkets, this project will infuse your space with color and personality. Plus, it's a wonderful way to recycle those leftover samples. Grab your adhesive and start crafting a conversation piece that'll have everyone asking, "You made that?"


DIY Scallop Necklace Tutorial

DIY Scallop Necklace Tutorial Via Craftaholics Anonymous® | DIY Scallop ...
Make it ombré or go with one color.


Paint Chip Wall Art

Paint Chip Wall Art Via Life Crafts & Whatever: Easy ...
The burnished-looking finish is amazing.

Did you know you could do so many things with those little strips of painted card? Will you be stashing a stash the next time you visit a home store?

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