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Repurposing wagons or radio flyers is probably one of the fun things that you can do with childhood toys. The following are DIY projects that combine the right amount of nostalgia and recycling genius. Some are quite easy to make, requiring only up to five steps. Others are a bit advanced and involve a good number of materials. They take time to make but they are simply charming. Let's check out the many ways to repurpose wagons, shall we?

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Planter Here is a way to repurpose wagons that doesn't involve a lot of steps. You simply place the wagon in your garden and use it to host several posts of plants. And you're done, really. The photo above shows a wagon with the wheels still attached. If you get yours wheel-less from the flea market, they'll make perfect garden planters, too. Simply prop them on top of stone blocks and then fill with plants.

Source: hometalk.com


Potting Bench

Potting Bench Another way to recycle a radio flyer wagon in the garden is to use it as a potting bench. Aside from the wagon, you will also need a piece of furniture for this particular project. An old kitchen cart should be perfect. Paint the cart and the interior section of your wagon. Attach the latter to the cart using bolts. And you're done. The photos above has kitchenware but this beautiful recycled piece will actually be used for easy potting in the garden.

Source: littlemissmaggie1.blogspot.com



Shelf This is probably one of the most popular ways to repurpose red wagons. In fact, you can buy radio flyer shelves on Etsy. But why buy when you can DIY, right? To give it a go, you will need to remove the wheels from the wagon first. Then you cut wood pieces where the books will rest. To attach to the wagon, simply use screw.

Source: thestanleyclan.blogspot.com


Console Table

Console Table A radio flyer console would look so fun in a boy's room or a man cave. To make this, you will need to construct the legs first. Add a board to the top where you can screw the radio flyer. This can be used as a mini bar, a place to store crafting supplies, or a display area for seasonal décor.

Source: bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com



Tray This particular red wagon recycling project will not require a lot of work. You simply remove the wheels, wash the wagon, attach drawer handles to the sides, and add rubber bottoms. Before the last step, you will want to spray the tray with clear gloss enamel first.

Source: justsomethingimade.com


Ice Box

Ice Box Planning an outdoor party soon? If you happen to have a red wagon and sewing machine legs, combine the two to make a nifty ice box. The wagon is where you will put the ice and your various drinks. I bet your guests would find this idea quite clever and post lots of photos on Instagram and call you the “hostess of the year.”

Source: paintedhomedesigns.com


Mobile Library

Mobile Library A vintage red wagon can be used for keeping your kid's books organized and easy to carry around. If you get your wagon from the flea market, make sure to clean it thoroughly first. I suggest looking for a wagon with no rust or very minimal wearing. A bit of repaint or a few passes of protective coating might be in order if you have a very old wagon.

Source: designdazzle.com

The next time you take a trip to the flea market, snatch a red wagon or two. Take inspiration from the DIYs here and repurpose said wagon into something fun and beautiful.

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