7 Wonderfully Clever Ways to Repurpose Wagons ...

Repurposing wagons or radio flyers is probably one of the fun things that you can do with childhood toys. The following are DIY projects that combine the right amount of nostalgia and recycling genius. Some are quite easy to make, requiring only up to five steps. Others are a bit advanced and involve a good number of materials. They take time to make but they are simply charming. Let's check out the many ways to repurpose wagons, shall we?

1. Planter

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Here is a way to repurpose wagons that doesn't involve a lot of steps. You simply place the wagon in your garden and use it to host several posts of plants. And you're done, really. The photo above shows a wagon with the wheels still attached. If you get yours wheel-less from the flea market, they'll make perfect garden planters, too. Simply prop them on top of stone blocks and then fill with plants.

Source: hometalk.com

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