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7 Gorgeous DIY Bar Stools ...

By Meream

So you are finishing your entertainment area and are looking to DIY bar stools. There are many ways to go about making your own bar stools. You can construct them from scratch. You can also buy cheap stools and refashion them into pieces of furniture that fit your aesthetics. Check out the many fantastic DIY bar stools below:

1 Distressed Look

Distressed LookThis DIY bar stool is an Ana White idea and that is basically a stamp of excellence. If you have been out of the loop for the past several years, Ana White is a DIY genius who offers carpentry plans on her blog. She offers one for these vintage bar stools, with the help of another creative lady. Head on over to her blog to see the materials and steps needed to make your own set. They made theirs with a distressed vibe but you can also finish yours with an even coat of paint.


2 Industrial Pipe

Industrial PipeThis is gorgeous! This pipe style DIY bar stool may just be my favorite from this list. A little reminder, pipes and connectors can be quite costly. But if you have your heart set on chic industrial bar stool, this DIY tutorial is for you. To save on pipes, you might not want to go for the bottom outer curve design and simply make straight legs. That could work, too. You can also make only one or two, and not go for a whole set of several stools.


3 Turned Leg Style

Turned Leg StyleThis is one cute DIY bar stool. You can get turned legs from the hardware store or you can ask your favorite furniture company for assistance. For the rest of the steps and the whole plan, check out Whitney's guide below.


4 Metal Bar

Metal BarHow beautiful! I am loving the red paint. You will find a detailed plan and list of materials for these DIY bar stools after the link below. The addition of the metal bars is genius. Assembly of these bar stools are similar to the previous furniture but the look is entirely different. Check out the plan below.


5 Modern Plywood

Modern PlywoodThis is one delightful bar stool. Not only is this a wonderfully modern design, the assembly looks quite easy as well. You will need 3/4” plywood, wood glue, screws, shelf brackets, and several power tools (drill, miter and jig saw) for this project.


6 Curvy Top

Curvy TopThese DIY bar stools look comfy because of their curved top. Making them will require only wood for the legs and seat. The curved top was achieved using circular saw and chisel. Once you get a rough curve, sand until the seat becomes smooth. Paint in any color you like.


7 Pop of Blue

Pop of BlueThis is a bar stool makeover that you can do in one afternoon. The first step is to acquire cheap bar stools. Next, you paint the legs white. After they dry, you will then spray paint the rim of the seat with bright blue. Any color you like will do as well. I think dark pink and gold will look lovely.


Which of these beautiful DIY bar stools are you thinking of making? Be sure to share your work with us after your carpentry adventures!

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