Oh Wow Look at All the Things You Can Make with Altoids Tins


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Mini Pool Table

Mini Pool Table Via DIY Gift for Dad: Mini ...


Tiny Friends

Tiny Friends Via 31 F**king Adorable Things To ...


Imagine transforming those empty Altoids tins into pocket-sized playgrounds for adorable miniature felt animals! With some creative cutting and gluing, you can craft a cozy interior for a teeny-tiny bear or a petite bunny, complete with its own little furniture. It's not only an enchanting gift for a child but also a quirky desk companion that's sure to spark joy and conversation. And the best part? You can customize each tin to fit the personality of its new owner or your favorite animal. Cuteness overload is guaranteed!


LEGO on the Go

LEGO on the Go Via mommo design: IN A MINT ...


Mini Grill

Mini Grill Via Altoids Sours BBQ Grill


Travel Bugs

Travel Bugs Via mmmcrafts: travel bugs (now called ...


Travel bugs are small trinkets or objects that are often placed in geocaches, which are hidden containers for people to find using GPS coordinates. These travel bugs can be anything from keychains to figurines and are meant to be taken from one geocache to another, with the goal of traveling as far and wide as possible. They often have a unique tracking code so that their journey can be followed online. Travel bugs are a fun way for geocachers to connect and see how far their bug can travel. They also add an element of surprise and excitement to the geocaching experience.


Copper Plate Effect

Copper Plate Effect Via Making the Steampunk Altoids Tin ...


Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy Box


Paper City - Paris

Paper City - Paris Via Carry Paris In Your Pocket


Teddy in a Tin

Teddy in a Tin Via bybido: A Little Toy in ...


Pintoid Camera

Pintoid Camera Via How to Make a Pintoid ...


Unlock the shutterbug in you by transforming a simple Altoids tin into this quirky and compact Pintoid camera. With a few modifications—drilling a pinhole, making a shutter, and adding some magnetic tape for film—you can capture enchanting lo-fi photographs that have that vintage analog feel. Whether it’s for a fun DIY project or to explore photography basics, this Pintoid camera is a charming way to upcycle those minty little boxes. Just load it with a roll of film, and you're ready to snap some unique, artsy shots that'll have all your friends marveling at your crafty ingenuity!



Robot Via Babybots


Mini Herb Garden

Mini Herb Garden Via 10 Cute and Creative Ways ...


Pocket Sized Shadow Box

Pocket Sized Shadow Box Via Lova's World: Handmade Shadow Boxes ...


Mini Fairy Garden

Mini Fairy Garden Via Home Garden Tour After A ...


Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden Via Guest Post: DIY Mini Succulent ...


221B Baker St. / Sherlock Tin

221B Baker St. / Sherlock Tin Via Pixie Hill: 221B Baker Street


Travel Watercolor Kit

Travel Watercolor Kit Via Balzer Designs


Crafting a travel watercolor kit from an Altoids tin is a total game-changer for the artist on the go. Fill it with mini watercolor pans secured with a dash of adhesive, and you've got yourself a nifty, portable palette. Customize it by adding a tiny brush, and perhaps use the lid for mixing colors. Slip it into your pocket or purse, and you're ready to capture the world in washes and strokes whenever inspiration strikes. Balzer Designs showcases how such kits can be both functional and surprisingly chic.


Compliment Kit

Compliment Kit Via MORALIST • Stop the Contention ...


LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight Via How-To: Simple Altoids Smalls LED ...


Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid Tin

Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid Tin Via Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid ...


Solar Charger

Solar Charger Via 28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your ...


Wall Art

Wall Art Via Something Wicked Hanging Shrine


Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit Via What Can you Make out ...


Vintage Suitcase, with Money!

Vintage Suitcase, with Money! Via Stamp Talk with Tosh: Money-filled ...


Dr. Who Kit

Dr. Who Kit Via Calling the Doctor - Think ...


For all the Whovians out there, this little project is a galactic win! You can transform a simple Altoids tin into a TARDIS that not only serves as a quirky piece of memorabilia but can also hold tiny treasures. Just a bit of blue paint, some crafty handiwork, and voilà – your very own pocket-sized portal to time and space. It’s an adorable nod to the Doctor Who universe and a brilliant way to showcase your fandom. So grab your sonic screwdriver (or a paintbrush), and get ready for some creative time-travel!


Squirrel Tree House

Squirrel Tree House Via Polymer Clay Project -- Squirrel ...


Boo-Boo Box

Boo-Boo Box Via Running With Glitter: Pretty Things ...



Tea-to-go Via Items similar to Teabag Tin ...


Pop-up Photo Box

Pop-up Photo Box Via Pop-Up Photo Box (Gift Idea) ...


Mini Tool Kit

Mini Tool Kit Via 10 Cute and Creative Ways ...


When repurposing Altoid tins into a Mini Tool Kit, you're doing more than just staying prepared; you're adding a touch of personal flair to your everyday essentials. Easily slipped into a purse or glove compartment, this pint-sized box of solutions holds everything from screws and wire to mini screwdrivers and safety pins. Whether you're tightening a loose screw on your sunglasses or fixing a wayward button, your stylish Mini Tool Kit ensures that you're ready for life's little emergencies with chic efficiency.


Camping Kit

Camping Kit Via 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll ...


Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Via Mint Tin Projects - Make ...


Ice-skating Rink

Ice-skating Rink Via small world land: Ice-skating rink ...


Map Magnets in a Mapped Altoid Tin

Map Magnets in a Mapped Altoid Tin Via {scrappergirl}: December 2009


Transform your ordinary Altoid tin into a charming keepsake by adhering bits of maps to small, flat magnets. This personalized craft makes a perfect gift for travel enthusiasts or can serve as a unique way to commemorate special trips and destinations. Just cut the maps to size, glue them onto magnets and place them inside a tin lined with a complementary piece of map. It’s a delightful and functional way to capture your wanderlust in a pocket-sized treasure!


Prayer Box

Prayer Box Via A Traveler's Dream: DIY Altoid ...


Turn a simple Altoids tin into a personal sanctuary of spirituality perfect for on-the-go reflections. By adding miniature prayer cards, photos, or inspirational quotes within, you create a portable reminder of faith and hope. It's like having a tiny confessional in your pocket or purse for those moments when you need a quick peace of mind. Whether you're seeking solace on a hectic day or sending up swift thanks, this Prayer Box keeps your spiritual connection close at hand. So easy, yet so profound.


Travel Doodle Kit

Travel Doodle Kit Via Items similar to Altoid Tin ...


The Travel Doodle Kit is an ingenious solution for the on-the-go artist or a bored commuter looking to pass the time creatively. Tinier than a standard sketchpad, this compact kit houses mini pencils, a small pad of paper, and perhaps an eraser. It's perfect for capturing quick sketches while hiking or doodling on a long flight. Just slip this tiny treasure into your carry-on or pocket, and you're ready to document your adventurers artistically wherever life takes you. Plus, it's a charming, eco-friendly way to reuse those empty Altoids tins.


Mini Zen Garden

Mini Zen Garden Via Constructing the Altoids Tin Zen ...

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