Oh Wow Look at All the Things You Can Make with Altoids Tins

By Jennifer

Oh Wow Look at All the Things You Can Make with Altoids Tins

Instructions can be found by clicking the "Source" link under each image. Enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. mini pool table
  2. tiny friends
  3. lego on the go
  4. mini grill
  5. travel bugs
  6. copper plate effect
  7. tooth fairy box
  8. paper city - paris
  9. teddy in a tin
  10. pintoid camera
  11. robot
  12. mini herb garden
  13. pocket sized shadow box
  14. mini fairy garden
  15. mini succulent garden
  16. 221b baker st. / sherlock tin
  17. travel watercolor kit
  18. compliment kit
  19. led flashlight
  20. alice in wonderland altered altoid tin
  21. solar charger
  22. wall art
  23. sewing kit
  24. vintage suitcase, with money!
  25. dr. who kit
  26. squirrel tree house
  27. boo-boo box
  28. tea-to-go
  29. pop-up photo box
  30. mini tool kit
  31. camping kit
  32. business card holder
  33. ice-skating rink
  34. map magnets in a mapped altoid tin
  35. prayer box
  36. travel doodle kit
  37. mini zen garden

1 Mini Pool Table

Mini Pool Table Via DIY Gift for Dad: Mini ...

2 Tiny Friends

Tiny Friends Via 31 F**king Adorable Things To ...

3 LEGO on the Go

LEGO on the Go Via mommo design: IN A MINT ...

4 Mini Grill

Mini Grill Via Altoids Sours BBQ Grill

5 Travel Bugs

Travel Bugs Via mmmcrafts: travel bugs (now called ...

6 Copper Plate Effect

Copper Plate Effect Via Making the Steampunk Altoids Tin ...

7 Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy Box

8 Paper City - Paris

Paper City - Paris Via Carry Paris In Your Pocket

9 Teddy in a Tin

Teddy in a Tin Via bybido: A Little Toy in ...

10 Pintoid Camera

Pintoid Camera Via How to Make a Pintoid ...

11 Robot

Robot Via Babybots

12 Mini Herb Garden

Mini Herb Garden Via 10 Cute and Creative Ways ...

13 Pocket Sized Shadow Box

Pocket Sized Shadow Box Via Lova's World: Handmade Shadow Boxes ...

14 Mini Fairy Garden

Mini Fairy Garden Via Home Garden Tour After A ...

15 Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden Via Guest Post: DIY Mini Succulent ...

16 221B Baker St. / Sherlock Tin

221B Baker St. / Sherlock Tin Via Pixie Hill: 221B Baker Street

17 Travel Watercolor Kit

Travel Watercolor Kit Via Balzer Designs

18 Compliment Kit

Compliment Kit Via MORALIST • Stop the Contention ...

19 LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight Via How-To: Simple Altoids Smalls LED ...

20 Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid Tin

Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid Tin Via Alice in Wonderland Altered Altoid ...

21 Solar Charger

Solar Charger Via 28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your ...

22 Wall Art

Wall Art Via Something Wicked Hanging Shrine

23 Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit Via What Can you Make out ...

24 Vintage Suitcase, with Money!

Vintage Suitcase, with Money! Via Stamp Talk with Tosh: Money-filled ...

25 Dr. Who Kit

Dr. Who Kit Via Calling the Doctor - Think ...

26 Squirrel Tree House

Squirrel Tree House Via Polymer Clay Project -- Squirrel ...

27 Boo-Boo Box

Boo-Boo Box Via Running With Glitter: Pretty Things ...

28 Tea-to-go

Tea-to-go Via Items similar to Teabag Tin ...

29 Pop-up Photo Box

Pop-up Photo Box Via Pop-Up Photo Box (Gift Idea) ...

30 Mini Tool Kit

Mini Tool Kit Via 10 Cute and Creative Ways ...

31 Camping Kit

Camping Kit Via 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll ...

32 Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Via Mint Tin Projects - Make ...

33 Ice-skating Rink

Ice-skating Rink Via small world land: Ice-skating rink ...

34 Map Magnets in a Mapped Altoid Tin

Map Magnets in a Mapped Altoid Tin Via {scrappergirl}: December 2009

35 Prayer Box

Prayer Box Via A Traveler's Dream: DIY Altoid ...

36 Travel Doodle Kit

Travel Doodle Kit Via Items similar to Altoid Tin ...

37 Mini Zen Garden

Mini Zen Garden Via Constructing the Altoids Tin Zen ...

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