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37 Horseshoe Crafts to Try Your Luck with ...

By Neecey

I saw a great boot rack while I was browsing Pinterest recently and was charmed when I saw it was made from horseshoes. Naturally my innate curiosity prodded me into looking for some more horseshoe crafts. A lot of the things I found were for sale on Etsy but I was impressed enough by them to think that a crafty person with some limited skills could make them for themselves. But don't fear if your crafty fingers aren't as deft and nimble as you'd like, I found some easier things to make with horseshoes too.

1 Spread the Love

man made object,wood,horn,horseshoe,carving, Via Recycled Horseshoe- Love

2 Welcome!

wood,shelf,miniature,furniture,number, Via Rustic Wrapped Letter , Wall ...

3 Add a Quote

man made object,wood,trophy,furniture,illustration, Via Horse Shoe Quotes

4 Glitter Horseshoe

picture frame,shape,pattern,rectangle,eye, Via Sale! Framed Horseshoe w Black ...

5 Double Horse Shoe Hearts

font,chain,circle,metal, Via Double Horseshoe Hearts

6 Lucky Art

label,brand,picture frame,Fynes,Designs, Via Lucky Pallet Art ... - ...

7 Coasting along

fashion accessory,jewellery,leather,bracelet,hand, Via Leather Horseshoe Coaster (1)

8 Horseshoe Shelf Brackets

furniture,shelf,table,shelving, Via Western Decorations

9 Wood Box with Horseshoe Handles

wood,agriculture,table,furniture, Via Wood box with horseshoe handles. ...

10 Horsey Art

detog,9.99, Via Items similar to Bedazzled Horse ...

11 Horseshoe Drink Holder

lawn,wheel,lighting,flower,odelo, Via Horseshoe Drink Holder

12 Hot to Trot

man made object,horn,wood,material, Via The Tossed Shoe - horseshoe ...

13 Horseshoe Wind Chime

halter,chain,bridle,fashion accessory,jewellery, Via

14 Horseshoe Dreamcatcher

blue,fashion accessory,jewellery,wing, Via Get Creative with Summer Horse ...

15 Horseshoe Wreath

christmas decoration,food,flavor,2011, Via

16 Horseshoe Wine Rack

man made object,weapon,product,wine bottle,longboard, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

17 Rustic Horseshoe Sunflower

flower,flora,plant,botany,garden, Via READY TO SHIP Rustic Horseshoe ...

18 Horseshoe Christmas Tree

iron,wheel,lighting,circle,000, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

19 Horse Shoe Salt and Pepper Napkin Holder

cup,candle,drink,lighting,coffee cup, Via Horse Shoe Salt and Pepper ...

20 Horseshoe Love

bridle, Via Horse shoe Love wall art.

21 Horseshoe Chandelier

lighting,amusement park,amusement ride, Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...

22 Horseshoe Boot Hooks

wall,iron,art,painting,modern art, Via Kathy's Painted Toys

23 Western Jewelry Rack

earrings,fashion accessory,jewellery,bead,exe, Via Day 19 - Feeling Lucky

24 Horseshoe Boot Rack

furniture,iron,table,wood,shelf, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

25 Rustic Wall Mirror

man made object,furniture,iron,wood,table, Via Rustic Wall Mirror for horse ...

26 Candle Holder

table,furniture,product,candle,lighting, Via Tap into Your Inner Country ...


iron,font,flower,number, Via Trotting Treasures - Horseshoe Art

28 Horseshoe Towel Rack

shelf,furniture, Via Babblings and More: Bathroom Makeover

29 Horseshoe Drawer Pulls

text,house numbering,number,label,Cupboard, Via Awesome Collection Of Rustic Drawer ...

30 Horseshoe Bench

iron,art,carving,lighting,calligraphy, Via Cowboy Cool Wedding or Garden ...

31 Horseshoe Key Holder

bicycle,bridle,horse tack,sports equipment,mountain bike, Via Horseshoe Key or Jewelry holder, ...

32 Bling Horseshoe

pink,circle,pattern, Via horseshoes,decor,gifts,western,rustic

33 Painted Horseshoes

jewellery,fashion accessory,necklace,earrings,art, Via Horse Summer Camp Craft and ...

34 Lucky Horse Shoe Wine and Glass Rack

glass,wine bottle,lighting,drink,distilled beverage, Via Lucky HorseShoe Wine and Glass ...

35 Horseshoe Collage

wheel,art,window, Via Items similar to Picture Frame. ...

36 Horseshoe Snowman

lighting,circle,deco, Via Hot New Releases

37 Horseshoe Grill

man made object,wheel,water feature, Via Campfire stand, 3 legged tripod, ...

Time to giddy up and trot off to find some horseshoes you can repurpose.

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