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19 Fun and Fancy Sewing Machine Covers ...

By Eliza

Sewing machine covers are the ideal thing for keeping your machine safe when you aren't using it. The right cover will keep all the fuzz and junk from getting in your machine and will keep it safe from dings and dents if it's in a high traffic area. You can buy sewing machine covers, but it's fun to make your own. Putting one together is pretty easy and lets you create just the magical sewing machine cover you want. Check these out! You won't be able to decide which one you want to make first. Fabric store, here we come!

1 Lots of Pattern

Lots of PatternVia Notes from the Patch: Tutorial ...
Don't be afraid to go all out with pattern when you make your sewing machine cover. Use bits and pieces leftover from other projects and you won't have to buy anything.

2 Sewing Machine Cover with Pockets

Sewing Machine Cover with PocketsVia PRÓXIMOS MONOGRÁFICOS DE ENERO Y ...
Add some pockets to the side of your sewing machine cover so you have a handy place to store your essentials between projects.


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3 Tied on

Tied onVia My Decoupaged Life: Easy Sewing ...
This project involves making a flat rectangle of fabric and adding some ribbon on the sides so you can tie them on your machine.

4 Make a Fun Border

Make a Fun BorderVia Paris Apartment Sewing Machine Cover: ...
This cute pom poms on this sewing machine cover make it really stand out.

5 Strips of Fabric

Strips of FabricVia Items similar to Blissful Sewing ...
Strips of fabric make for a fun looking sewing machine cover, don't you think?

6 Embellished with a Pattern

Embellished with a PatternVia - Sewing class,sewing supplies ...
A fun design or pattern on the front of your sewing machine cover makes it even more fun.

7 All Ruffly

All RufflyVia Home Dec. Sewing >> New ...
When I make a sewing machine cover, it will definitely have some ruffles on it.

8 Vintage Camper

Vintage CamperVia Rainbow Hare Quilts: Vintage Caravan ...
Isn't this adorable? I would love to have this covering my sewing machine, wouldn't you?

9 Block Pattern

Block PatternVia Sew Delicious: Sewing Machine Covers
A cute block pattern cover gives you a great way to use up some of your leftover fabric.

10 Sewing Themed Fabric

Sewing Themed FabricVia
Use fabric with a sewing theme to make your cover really fun and relevant.

11 Button Closure

Button ClosureVia ellyn's place: tutorial
If you don't want bows or ribbon on your cover, make this scrunched up button closure instead.

12 Pattern Size

Pattern SizeVia A Well Dressed Sewing Machine ...
When you choose a pattern for your fabric, make sure it isn't so large that you can't see the whole thing.

13 Quilted Pattern

Quilted PatternVia Making a cover for my ...
I don't have the skill to make something this fancy, but if you do, it would be fabulous.

14 Fun Color Palette

Fun Color PaletteVia Notes from the Patch: Tutorial ...
A fun color palette is a must when making a sewing machine cover. This combination of colors is wonderful!

15 Fun and Fancy

Fun and FancyVia Sew Delicious: Quilted Sewing Machine ...
This is a simple design, but it's got great colors and a fun pattern that makes it enjoyable to look at.

16 Hexagons

HexagonsVia AnaZard - Atelier: Schutzhülle für ...
Cute, isn't it? Would you be able to make something this fantastic?

17 Unbelievable Color

Unbelievable ColorVia Red Pepper Quilts: Quilty Fun ...
There is so much going on here, but it works just right. What do you think?

18 Add a Silk Flower

Add a Silk FlowerVia Crafty Girls Workshop...: Help! I've ...
I love the ruffles and flower on this sewing machine.

19 Appliqued Wool Birds

Appliqued Wool BirdsVia Geninne's Art Blog: My Haven
I love the birds, but you could applique anything you wanted to on your cover.

Do you keep your sewing machine covered? It's a good idea, but I admit that I don't always do it. Which cover do you want?

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