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Dogs can go through toys in the blink of an eye so getting them expensive ones is never a good idea. Good thing that there are many tutorials out there for making your own dog toys. They're sure to make your furbaby AND your savings account quite happy. In fact, for most of these DIY project, you will not be required to buy new materials. Let's check them out.

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Old Shirt

Old Shirt This DIY dog toy is sure to be your baby's favorite. And you'll enjoy making it for him or her, too. Basically, you cut two strips from an old shirt and use them to wrap a tennis ball. You will have pieces of shirt fabric hanging from the ball so you will want to braid them up.

Source: sheknows.com


Treat Ball

Treat Ball This particular DIY will need a store-bought dog toy. You will be giving it a makeover that will make your dog very happy, though. Basically, you will fill the ball with treats wrapped in pieces of fleece fabric. Your dog will have a roaring time trying to pull the fleece from inside the ball and getting to the treats.

Source: leopolds-crate.blogspot.com


Squeaky Sweater

Squeaky Sweater How cute! This is a dog toy that you can make using an old piece of clothing as well. If you use an old wool sweater, you will want to wash it in hot water first so that it doesn't become too stretchy. The pattern for this toy has that freestyle look so you can make your own easily. Don't forget to insert a squeaker between the front and back sections of the toy when you sew it.

Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com


Fleece Tug Toy

Fleece Tug Toy This is a no-sew DIY dog toy that you can make using four strips of fleece. You knot one end of the strips together and then braid them. Finish with another knot on the other end. The strips will not be braided in a typical fishtail fashion. Check out the link below for the detailed steps.

Source: makingithomeblog.com


Scrap Balls

Scrap Balls Got lots of fabric scraps lying around? Why don't use them to make a fun toy for your four-legged best friends. The more colorful the fabrics, the better. To make this. You will need to sew a tube out of the fabrics first. You then knot one end and then fill with more scraps. Once you have a nice ball of scraps, tie another knot, and then fill with more fabrics. Continue until you reach the end of the tube.

Source: sew-it-love-it.com


Squeaky Doggie Bone

Squeaky Doggie Bone These are some cute DIY dog toys. Again, this will need only scrap fabrics and a bit of stuffing. You will also need a squeaker for this project. They're cheap and are available by set so you can make several softie toys for your dogs.

Source: laura-griffin.com


Rope Doll

Rope Doll You probably see a lot of tug toys that are made of rope in pet stores. Don't be tempted to buy one because you can easily construct it yourself. You can even make yours way better by following the instructions on making the rope doll above.

Source: instructables.com

A word of caution: some of these dog toys may not work for your pets. Do not attempt to make the ones with fabric strips or stuffing if your four-legged friends are prone to swallowing just about anything.

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My dogs favourite toy was the cat!

Omg I love these toys my bff would love this!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Very cute ideas, just be careful of diy toys and make sure to keep an eye out. Also wash the fabric in hot water before giving it to your furry friend, especially old t-shirts and things that may have come in contact with harsh chemicals like perfume, bleaching agents or detergents. Just be mindful that they'll chew on it and may swallow bits, so keep an eye out :)

My bff use to take the broken end of a hair brush, the handle was hard yet chewy.

Oh I wish! I can't even buy a toy or ball my pit bull won't demolish ! I envy these things lol.

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