9 Wonderfully Cheap and Fun West Elm Knock-offs You Can Make ...


West Elm is a haven of beautiful items for your home. But since we advocate DIY, we give you here fun tutorials on how to make some of their products. The following West Elm DIY knock-offs range from simple to a bit complicated. They are all fun projects, though, so give them a try.

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Dipped Side Table

Dipped Side Table This is one pretty West Elm knock-off. The original item is much shorter and had wood stained dipped legs. You can do yours with any paint that you fancy, of course. This DIY project will require only paint and brush.

Source: chasingshinyobjects.com


Hoop Orbs

Hoop Orbs Sure the West Elm orbs aren't exactly expensive but why buy when you can DIY? You can make yours using wooden embroidery hoops and metallic paint. If you already have the latter, you will likely spend only a couple of dollars for this home décor DIY project.

Source: hillcountryhomebody.blogspot.com


Herringbone Mirror

Herringbone Mirror This pattern is a classic. And if you want a mirror from West Elm with this design, be prepared to shell out around $300. Crazy, right? If you go the DIY route, you will spend less than $10, especially if you no longer have to buy the mirror. And if you already have a nice herringbone fabric in gray and white, you will spend even less than that.

Source: tealandlime.com


Tripod Lamp

Tripod Lamp Can you believe that this is a West Elm knock-off? It's quite well-made, isn't it? Just like the previous DIYs, this is a project that will save you lots of money. The original piece cost several hundred dollars but if you make your own, you will spend less than $50. Now THAT is a great knock-off.

Source: tinysidekick.com


Metallic Glasses

Metallic Glasses These are beautiful! These are not painted; the geometric pattern here was made using a Silhouette machine. The pattern was then printed on gold vinyl and then adhered to the glasses. This project will likely cost you less than $20.

Source: sarahhearts.com


Shell Planter

Shell Planter This is insanely cute! The West Elm ones were made of resin but you can make yours using real shells. So basically, you will spend next to nothing for this fun knock-off project. To attach a rope to your shell, you will need a power drill with a 1/16 inch ball dremel.

Source: gina-michele.com


Beaded Mirror

Beaded Mirror Got a round mirror and lots of beads? Take them out and make this fun West Elm-inspired DIY project! This involves hot gluing the round mirror to a round piece of cardboard. The cardboard has to be bigger in circumference than the mirror. You will then hot glue your beads to this cardboard. Let dry and hang.

Source: delineateyourdwelling.com


Gold Rail System

Gold Rail System A pipe rail system is a great way to keep your home office or craft room organized. If you want something West Elm-inspired, you will need only copper pipes and other components needed to attach them to the wall. You will also need hooks and paint. West Elm's pipe rail comes in black but you can do yours in any color you like.

Source: upcycledtreasures.com


Pendant Lamp

Pendant Lamp This is a beautiful knock-off of the West Elm Bentwood Pendant lamp. You can make yours using quilting hoops, floral rings, and wood stain. You will also need a pendant light kit, of course. With the help of hand saw and a nail gun, you can construct your fabulous pendant lamp for cheap.

Source: designertrapped.com

Have you ever made something inspired by a West Elm product? Tell us about it!

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