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Wire bangles add a touch of elegance to any outfit. And if you have crafty hands, you can make your very own beautiful bangles using only a few tools, some beads, and the following fun tutorials. These DIY wire bangles range from incredibly simple to somewhat complicated. Each looks quite enjoyable to make, though, so have fun!

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Simple Hook Style

Simple Hook Style This is one of the more popular ways to make wire bangles. This is a simple method that requires making a loop on one end and a hook on the other. This showcases a lovely teardrop loop but you can make yours with a dainty heart shape as well.

Source: emmaruthjones.blogspot.co.uk


Wavy Wires

Wavy Wires Ooohhh, how pretty! I love the combo of gold tone wire and red beads. The beads used here are agate. You can choose any other type you like, of course. You can even choose to go the multi-color route. To make this wire bangle project go smoothly, make sure that the waves you make can accommodate the size of your beads.

Source: lc.pandahall.com



Charmed This is a cute DIY wire bangle that you can make using only two types of materials: wire and silver tone charms. The perfect wire to use for this project is a 14 gauge type. You will find the thickness you need at the craft store quite easily. As for the charms, you can choose to add random ones or go for a theme. Great examples: music, beach, or kitty charms.

Source: craftsalamode.com


Bunch of Pearls

Bunch of Pearls These are some elegant DIY wire bangles. Clearly, you can never go wrong with pearls. And when you bunch them together to make a bangle, you have got yourself a winner.

Source: artandsoulbeads.com


Braided Beads

Braided Beads The combination of charming wavy wires and clear beads looks wonderfully lovely, doesn't it? Making this pretty bangle is easy. You will only need wire and lots of glass beads. You can choose beads of the same color or go for a multi-tone look, as shown above. Using other types of beads will also work but glass is best because you get to appreciate the braided look of the wires.

Source: lc.pandahall.com


Woven Pearls

Woven Pearls This pretty bangle showcases beads of different sizes and colors. The stars are the turquoise and white pearls but the tiny clear beads add a touch of glamor as well. To make something like this, you will need heavy and thin gauge wires. The former is for making the bangle shape while the thinner one will be for weaving the pearls and beads.

Source: thecraftyhousewife.blogspot.com


Random Beads

Random Beads If you have plenty of leftover beads from your various projects, this wire bangle idea is for you. You will need two kinds of wire for this DIY. One for making the border or bangle base and the thinner kind for the beads. The beads are woven in a zigzag pattern but I think a parallel route will look nice as well.

Source: lc.pandahall.com


Pearl Open Bangle

Pearl Open Bangle This is a wire bangle showcasing effortless elegance. To make this, you will need wire, two pearls of different sizes, and glue. You cut the wire to fit your wrist. You then glue the pearls to the ends. Let dry before wearing.

Source: sheknows.com


Woven Wire

Woven Wire For those who want a DIY wire bangle that is not overly girly, this braided style is a great idea. To make your own, you fold a bunch of wires in the middle to make a hoop. You secure this hoop end (with more wire), and then proceed to braiding the rest of the bangle. Fold the ends towards the center and cover with more wire.

Source: lc.pandahall.com

I don't know about you but I am itching to get my hands on some wire and make me some DIY bangles. I cannot wait to make the ones with pretty pearls. Which of these designs do you like?

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