8 Sewing Methods to Make Your Tea Towels Look Terrific ...

There are many fantastic ways to DIY tea towels. For those who love to work with thread and needle, we have here a list of great sewing tutorials for making cute tea towels for your kitchen. Not only will these be fabulous for your own home, they're great as gifts as well. Some of these can be used for specific holidays but others are perfect all year. So take out your handy-dandy sewing machine and give these DIY tea towel tutorials a try.

1. Ruffled

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This is a lovely tea towel to sew for those who have lots of pretty fabric scraps. You will need to find strips of fabric for this project; square or round scraps will not work. A ruffler foot was used for sewing the trim of this DIY tea towel. If you don't have one, you can do it the manual way by pulling one of the threads until you ruffle the strip of fabric.

Source: craftaholicsanonymous.net

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