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22 Really Cool DIY Gifts to Make for Your Mom on Mothers Day ...

By Eliza

Mother's Day in the US is May 13th this year. Are you wracking your brain for a great gift to make your mom smile this year? Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. I’ve got a great list of DIY Mother's Day gifts that you can have fun crafting and that your mom is going to really appreciate.

And, just in case you’re all fingers and thumbs, or don’t have time for DIY Mother’s Day gifts, there are also suggestions for items you can buy.

Table of contents:

  1. Diy photo coasters
  2. Fingerprints on a necklace
  3. Framed photos
  4. Chocolate bouquet
  5. Spa and pampering in a jar
  6. Adjectives that describe your mother
  7. Hearts necklace
  8. Fill a tumbler with little goodies
  9. Butterfly footprint art
  10. Diy photo collage
  11. Diy lip gloss
  12. Homemade strawberry bath soak
  13. Planted pot of flowers with my kids prints
  14. Diy photo quilt
  15. Flower pots with the kids' pictures
  16. Diy flower pens
  17. Outdoor planter
  18. Diy hand warmers
  19. Something funny
  20. Four generations photo
  21. Homemade candles
  22. Handprint flower tea towel

1 DIY Photo Coasters

Source: The Perfect Personalized Gift: DIY
Use photos from when you were a kid or more recent ones. Either way, Mom will love this!

Of course, if you don’t trust yourself to get the job done well enough, then you can always look to experts for inspiration! Photo coasters like these are the perfect example.
$14.84 at

2 Fingerprints on a Necklace

Source: Family Fun | TheWHOot
I'd love to have one of these!

Along with this wonderfully personal gift, it also never hurts to buy your mum a stunning piece of jewelry. Every time she wears it she’ll be thinking of you!
$59.90 at

3 Framed Photos

Source: 8 of my favorite Gift
All your mom has to do with this is hang it on the wall.

There are also plenty of great photo frame sets that you can buy online if perhaps you just wanted to curate a bunch of family photos and present them to your mum instead. It’s an equally touching gift idea!
$35.04 at

4 Chocolate Bouquet

Source: Easy Mother’s Day Gift: Chocolate
No mom is going to be sad that she got chocolate for Mother's Day.

If you really want to push the boat out, then you can’t really get much more luxurious and delicious than this stunning box from Godiva. They almost look too good to eat, *almost * being the key word!
$31.50 at

5 Spa and Pampering in a Jar

Source: Spa and Pampering in a
Everything your mom needs to have a spa day right at home. Perfect!

And if you think she deserves even more than your DIY efforts, then a pampering gift set like this one will never go unappreciated!
$49.99 at

6 Adjectives That Describe Your Mother

Source: Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Idea
What a totally thoughtful idea. Would your mom love it?

Why not take this gift idea even further and spell out the adjectives you can think of about your mum on the fridge. It will make a trip to the kitchen a much more pleasant and empowering experience!
$19.95 at

7 Hearts Necklace

Source: Heart Thumbprint Charms & DIY
I love the fun colors! Which one is your favorite?

If you don’t want to risk messing up a DIY attempt, then you can always play it safe and buy your mum a wonderful heart pendant. What is there not to like about something like this?
$69.00 at

8 Fill a Tumbler with Little Goodies

Source: DIY Gifts For Teens
All the things your mom loves best!

If you are struggling to think of enough goodies to make up a jar of your own, then a big candy selection like this is always a great choice, especially if your mum has a sweet tooth!
$64.00 at

9 Butterfly Footprint Art

Source: How To Make Butterfly Footprint
This is a super cute idea for Grandma or a new mom.

As well as this great idea, there is loads of amazing butterfly inspired artwork that you can buy for your mum if she happens to really love the delicate patterns and creations of nature. Something like this is perfect.
$35.64 at

10 DIY Photo Collage

Source: 12 Great Gifts for Mother's
This gift is going to be so much fun to put together.

To make a great collage, you are going to need a great frame, something simple but sturdy is always the best way to go to allow the photos you choose to shine through.
$9.98 at

11 DIY Lip Gloss

When it comes to moms, they always love beauty products!

If you don’t fancy trying to make your own, then we’re sure you mum will be just as happy with a gift of a macaron shaped lip gloss.
$3.49 at

12 Homemade Strawberry Bath Soak

Source: Bath Soak Tutorial: Make Your
Give your mom a reason to take a break and relax.
Bath bombs can be really tricky to make for yourself, so if you don’t want to take the risk of ruining your Mother’s Day gift, then play it safe and pick up a couple of tried and tested best sellers instead!
$20.99 at

13 Planted Pot of Flowers with My Kids Prints

Source: Easy Mother's Day Crafts
What momma or grandma wouldn't be proud to show this off?

And speaking of flowers, surely no Mother’s Day is complete without a knock on the door and a stunning bouquet presented to the most important person in your life!
$32.98 at

14 DIY Photo Quilt

Source: How to Make a Photo
All of life's best moments on one quilt. Beautiful!

Your mum won’t be able to have the photo quilt on her bed 24/7, so why not buy her some luxury bedding to switch it out for when the time comes for a washing?
$28.70 at

15 Flower Pots with the Kids' Pictures

Source: a boy. his sister.: Crafts
The ribbons make these so cute.

If you want this gift to look as impressive and as cute as possible, then you need to find the perfect miniature pots. No need to worry, we’ve already found them for you!
$14.99 at

16 DIY Flower Pens

Source: Adorable DIY Flower Pens
Writing anything is better with flowery pens.

These pens are really great, but nothing lasts forever, so make sure that your mum has a great stationery set that will come in handy when she needs an extra pen!
$14.43 at

17 Outdoor Planter

Source: The Pike Fam: 52 Weeks
Paint this in all your mom's favorite colors.

If your mum is really into her gardening, then why not treat her to a new set of patio furniture for Mother’s Day? It’s a great gift that can be enjoyed way beyond the actual day of celebration.
$139.99 at

18 DIY Hand Warmers

Source: DIY Hand Warmers - My
Help Mom get cozy and toasty with these adorable warmers made from fabric scraps.

Of course, once the hand warmers cool down your mum is still going to need something to keep herself warm, which means that a new pair of UGG gloves are also a great choice of gift!
$49.95 at

19 Something Funny

Source: 14 Mother's Day Presents That
Want to make Mom laugh? This will do it!

Another thing that will guarantee to make your mum laugh is a collection of the very best romantic comedies. A good chick flick can always make you smile even when you’ve been feeling down in the dumps!
$6.44 at

20 Four Generations Photo

Source: Web Coolness: Happy Mother's Day
Could anything be more perfect?

This thoughtful gift might make your mum want to start collection more family photos to keep forever, and a good way you can help with this is buying her a great scrapbook to start the project.
$20.57 at

21 Homemade Candles

Source: How to Make Homemade Candles
Making great smelling candles is pretty easy.

If making the candles seems like it’s going to be too messy or too time-consuming for you, then why not just stick to the tried and tested method of buying some online instead!
$10.21 at

22 Handprint Flower Tea Towel

Source: Poofy Cheeks: Mother’s Day Handprint
They're almost too pretty to use!

If your artistic skills were never as good as you want them to be, then there is no shame in purchasing this wonderful tea towel set online, already complete with vibrant floral designs!
$12.35 at

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day this year? Would she love anything here?

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