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While clothespins are fantastic and functional as they are, they also make for great craft materials. We have here seven fantastic DIY ideas for crafting with clothespins. We will be featuring tutorials using the wooden clothespin variety. We also made sure to find craft projects that showcase ways to use the pins aside from utilizing their clipping function. Hope you like the following DIYs!

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Turn Them into Toy Airplanes

Turn Them into Toy Airplanes These DIY clothespin toys are insanely cute! As you can see, the body of the planes are made of wooden clothespins. The wings and tail detailing were glued on and are made of popsicle sticks. For finishing, paints and markers in red, yellow, white, and blue were used.

Source: craftsbyamanda.com


Wooden clothespins can be used for a variety of creative projects, from making toy airplanes to creating decorations. In this article, we will focus on making a toy airplane using wooden clothespins. To make the body of the plane, you will need to attach two clothespins together with glue. Once the glue has dried, you can use popsicle sticks to create the wings and tail details. To finish the toy, you can use paints and markers in red, yellow, white, and blue.

Once the toy airplane is finished, it can be used as a fun decoration in a child’s bedroom or even as a toy to play with. This project is also great for teaching children about the basics of aerodynamics and how an airplane works. Moreover, it is an inexpensive and easy project that can be completed in a day.

This project is also great for adults who want to make a unique gift for a child. The toy can be personalized with the child’s name or with a message of your choice. It also makes a great addition to any craft room or nursery.


Make a Colorful Necklace

Make a Colorful Necklace This clothespin DIY necklace, take note, makes use of miniature wooden pins. I think the standard clothespin will not work quite as beautifully for this unique jewelry craft project. Before assembling the mini clothespins into a bib-like necklace, you will want to paint them first. You can go the colorful route or choose a single hue for all clothespins.

Source: babbledabbledo.com


Make a Yard Sunflower Décor

Make a Yard Sunflower Décor Feel like your yard could use a new accessory? Gather some wooden clothespins and make this adorable sunflower-inspired outdoor décor. You will need clothespins painted in yellow, a paint stick, a canning jar lid, sunflower seeds, and hot glue for this project. The sunflower seeds are glued to the center of your wooden flower. One alternative would be oval shape beads.

Source: aboutfamilycrafts.com


Make a Sunburst Style Mirror

Make a Sunburst Style Mirror This is probably one of the more popular ways to use wooden clothespins in DIY projects. Basically, you will simply be clipping the clothespins around the circumference of a round mirror. You add reinforcement to the back using either a plate or a round piece of cardboard and then hang. Easy and fun!

Source: inmyownstyle.com


Turn Them into Fun Animal Toys

Turn Them into Fun Animal Toys Here is another way to recycle wooden clothespins into something that your kids will love. This idea is not as complicated as the airplane project. In fact, you will only need to draw, color, and cut animal bodies. The clothespins will act as the legs and heads.

Source: estefimachado.com.br


Recycle Them into Rustic Planters

Recycle Them into Rustic Planters Here is another clip and display idea. Take some empty can containers and clean them. You will want to use the short and round variety. Clip the clothespins around and you've got yourself fun planters. These will be perfect as rustic style centerpieces.

Source: thecopperanchor.com


Turn Them into Snowflake Ornaments

Turn Them into Snowflake Ornaments You will notice that these don't look like your typical clothespins. Where are the metal hinges, you may be wondering. Well, said metal parts were removed when the wooden clothespins were taken apart. They were then glued together again (with a crystal bead gracing the center) to form these fun snowflake ornaments.

Source: scissorsandspoons.com

Aren't these clothespin craft ideas cute? I love the ones that turned the clothespins into toys. Not only did they turn out cute, they are great for a fun bonding time with kids, too. I can just imagine little girls and boys eager to paint the wooden clothespin airplanes or to draw the body of the whimsical animals. I am no longer a kid, but I can sure see myself having a ball doing those things.

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Cute ideas.Although 4 & 6 are the only useful ones

Love the planes !

Cute ....! The starfish ones and airplane ones are my favorites.

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