7 Things You Can Make with Tulle That is NOT a Skirt ...


When you check out tulle DIYs online, you will be inundated with tutu tutorials. While we are grateful to Carrie Bradshaw and her skirt for giving this pretty fabric its much-needed time in the limelight, we think it's time to showcase other DIY ideas using tulle. The following will give you beautiful items that are sure to give your home or outfit that dainty princess-like vibe. Enjoy!

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Fairy Lights inside Jars

Fairy Lights inside Jars How pretty! There are many ways to present a “fairy lights inside jars” idea. If you don't want to use string lights, a good option is a battery-operated tea light candle. Since they might not look pretty placed inside a jar, you will want to wrap them in tulle first. The tulle will give the light that hazy and fairytale-like mood.

Source: blog.tinyprints.com


Tulle can transform the simplest of objects into enchanting decorative pieces. When paired with a battery-operated tea light candle, the tulle diffuses the light, adding elegance and a touch of mystique to your space. Consider adding some colored stones or sand to the bottom of the jar for a layered effect, or lace and ribbons tied around the neck for a whimsical vibe. This versatile combination can not only brighten a cozy corner but also serve as a centerpiece for romantic dinners or as mood-setting ornaments for festive occasions.


String Fairy Lights

String Fairy Lights If you do want to use string lights and not battery-operated tea light candles, this fairy lights idea is perfect. You will need tulle cut into squares and sewn together to create flower-like pieces. You will attach them to your string lights and hang for a fun illumination effect.

Source: prettyquirkypants.com


Spotted Tulle Headband

Spotted Tulle Headband Tulle comes in many colors and variety. The spotted type is perfect for making accessories that scream elegant. This headband is a perfect example. The spotted tulle is used to make the petals for the flowers. They are sewn to a center felt section and some black beads are added as finishing touches. Attach to a headband. This tulle flower can be used as a pin or brooch as well.

Source: percyhandmade.com


Tulle's unique texture allows the material to hold its shape while still giving a soft, dreamlike quality to any piece. The spotted tulle headband is not just trendy but also adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Whether you're dressing up for a bridal shower, attending a high tea, or simply accentuating your everyday ensemble, this accessory is versatile. Play around with different spots and hues to match the seasons or your mood. Plus, it’s an excellent DIY gift for friends who adore a vintage-inspired look.


Valentine's Day Garland

Valentine's Day Garland These pretty party décor could also be pretty garlands for other occasions. Imagine this in pale yellow and white for a wedding or a little girl's birthday party. Cute, right? You can make a tulle garland by gathering square pieces together and tying them using embroidery thread or baker's twine. The idea is similar to the string light DIY but without the added illumination.

Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com


Bow Headbands

Bow Headbands How cute! These DIY tulle bows are very easy to make. You gather several layers of tulle in a color that you like. Fold and then tie the center with a strip of more tulle. Decorate this center gathered section with a pretty button or a cluster of beads. Attach to a head band or a blank hair clip.

Source: thehairbowcompany.com


Designer-inspired Socks

Designer-inspired Socks That is one dainty and pretty pair of socks. Sure they don't look like they'd protect your lovely legs from the elements but they're a perfect pair for fun outfit shoots. These are inspired by a Marchesa design and are quite easy to make. Aside from tulle, this project also calls for liner or invisible socks, rhinestones, hot glue, and some needle and thread.

Source: shinetrimny.blogspot.com


Full Rosettes

Full Rosettes These tulle flowers look so plump and pretty. Just like the bow idea, these DIY fabric flowers are very easy to assemble. The basic idea is to make a round pouf using a strip of tulle. Once you're happy with the size, sew the center or prick it with a corsage pin to keep it from falling apart.

Source: pajamacrafters.blogspot.com

See? A skirt isn't the only fun thing you can make using tulle. You have other DIY options that are equally fabulous!

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