Fab DIY Bottle Stoppers for Girls Who Love Hosting Parties ...


A DIY bottle stopper is one of the small details that can make a gathering memorable. For those planning to host a party anytime soon, we are here to help via the following DIY wine stopper projects. We have here a wide variety of ideas, from classy to somewhat kitschy. Hope you find something that you like!

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Use Polymer Clay

Use Polymer Clay These DIY bottle stoppers are made of polymer clay shaped into various geometric pieces. They look quite elegant, don't they? This DIY project is incredibly simple. You shave off small mounds of polymer clay to form geometric shapes. Bake in the oven, let cool and dry, and then glue to the top of corks.

Source: freutcake.com


Make Them out of Toys

Make Them out of Toys For something kitschy and quite memorable, you will want to use quirky items for making your own DIY bottle stoppers. A quick trip to the toy store is highly recommended. Grab some plastic toys that are small enough to be placed on top of wine corks. You will also need super glue for this easy and fun project.

Source: horsesandheels.com


Mod Podge Some Glitter

Mod Podge Some Glitter How beautiful! This is a DIY wine stopper idea that is both subtle and classy. This is an easy project, too. You simply slather a layer of Dimensional Magic Mod Podge to the top of the wine cork and then sprinkle in some chunky glitter. Make sure that you add enough amount to cover the whole surface but don't let the glitter hang from the edges of the cork top. Let dry and then add another layer of Dimensional Magic to achieve the glass-like dome effect.

Source: somethingturquoise.com


Go the Felt Flower Route

Go the Felt Flower Route This is another kitschy fun DIY bottle stopper that you can make before your big bash. Won't this be perfect for a garden gathering? To make some, you will need felt in several colors, cork, super glue, and a bottle of Stiffy. The latter is for making your finished felt flowers stiff for easy placement on top of the wine cork.

Source: brepea.com


Make a Geometric Wood Stopper

Make a Geometric Wood Stopper This is gorgeous. The idea behind this DIY bottle stopper is pretty much the same as the polymer clay project. Instead of clay, you will be working with hardwood. You select a chunk and then slice off the sides to create a geometric look. Then sand it and then stain in a shade that you like. Glue to the top of a wine cork and let dry before use.

Source: themerrythought.com


Use Rocks or Crystals

Use Rocks or Crystals This is a tried and tested method for making your own bottle stoppers. You simply glue pretty rocks, crystals, or beads to the top of wine corks. Embellish with twine or string if you like. Let the glue dry before using. Simple and fun!

Source: camillestyles.com


Use Foam Shapes or Doorknobs

Use Foam Shapes or Doorknobs While you're at the toy store grabbing figures for your quirky bottle stoppers, you might want to do a quick side trip to the dollar store for random door knobs and foam shapes. You adhere them to the top of a wine cork using super glue and then let dry for a few hours. Talk about an easy way to add DIY details to your party.

Source: dollarstorecrafts.com

Now you don't have a reason to host a party with only plain corks to keep our wine fresh. Use the ideas above for a more memorable or Instagram-worthy gathering.

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