7 Beautifully Clever Concrete Furniture That You Can Make ...


7 Beautifully Clever Concrete Furniture That You Can Make ...
7 Beautifully Clever Concrete Furniture That You Can Make ...

Concrete is a great material for building and for small craft projects. But did you know that you can also use it to make classy and gorgeous furniture. Combined with wood, DIY concrete furniture exude rustic and industrial style. And judging from the tutorials below, DIY concrete furniture projects are easy to do, too.

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X-Brace Side Table

X-Brace Side Table How beautiful is this DIY concrete piece of furniture? I am loving the combination of stained wood and industrial concrete table top. The type of concrete used here is the quick dry one. You you will also need pieces of lumber for the legs. Even though the finished piece looks expensive, this project will set you back only about $30. Talk about awesome.

Source: rogueengineer.com


Modern Stool

Modern Stool One of the many things that you can use to mold concrete for your DIY home projects is a plastic bucket. For this particular project, you fill the bottom of the plastic bucket with mixed concrete. A couple of inches should do it. You then stick three stool legs into your concrete mix. Let dry for about 20 hours and then remove the bucket. Sand and paint to finish.

Source: sheknows.com


Table Top with a-Frame Legs

Table Top with a-Frame Legs This DIY concrete furniture has a wide surface area and therefore will need wire mesh. You will submerge the wire mesh in your concrete mold before you let the mix dry. The size of the project will also require you to wait several days before using the concrete table top. Three days of drying time should do it. Check out the link below for the comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Source: ext.homedepot.com


Coffee Bar Table Top

Coffee Bar Table Top This DIY concrete furniture project is very similar to the previous table top idea. You will also be utilizing wire mesh here. Instead of constructing legs for the table top, you will be making a small counter type furniture with a drawer. Of course, you can also utilize a ready-made thrifted table that could use a nice concrete makeover.

Source: themerrythought.com


Lightweight Side Table

Lightweight Side Table When you think of concrete furniture, you probably imagine heavy things that could topple even Hercules. But your concrete DIY project doesn't need to be crazy heavy. What you do is shape layered foam boards onto a table form that you like. Something tapered and cylindrical should do it. After shaping and sanding, apply several layers of concrete mix. Let dry and sand to smoothen and shine.

Source: abeautifulmess.com


Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table How lovely! This DIY concrete side table was made using the coating method we have mentioned here. Basically, you will not need to mold a concrete table top and base here. What you will do it put together a wooden table top and trash can and then coat them with mixed concrete. Let dry and sand to finish. Easy and clever!

Source: redhousewest.com


Copper Clothes Rack

Copper Clothes Rack This is my favorite among these amazing DIY concrete home projects. This requires only copper pipe, concrete mix, and plastic boxes. The boxes will serve as mold for the concrete. Fill them with concrete and then stick the pre-assembled copper rack. Don't stick the pipes in while the concrete mix is still fresh. Let it dry for a little while so that the rack will not sway or move.

I am excited to give the clothes rack idea a go. How about you? Which of these DIY concrete projects caught your eye?

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