Combine Multi-Colored Clay and Make These Gorgeous Marbled DIY Accessories ...


Combine Multi-Colored Clay and Make These Gorgeous Marbled DIY Accessories ...
Combine Multi-Colored Clay and Make These Gorgeous Marbled DIY Accessories ...

Polymer clay is fun to play with. For those who enjoy making DIY jewelry, polymer clay is always a handy material. For today's list of fabulous craft ideas, we give you polymer clay creations following a marbled look. They're great for adding visually-interesting details to any outfit. Happy baking!

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Simple round Beads

Simple round Beads Let's start our DIY marbled jewelry list with the basic clay marbling steps. This fun jewelry tutorial gives you clear instructions. Basically, you will clump polymer clay in two colors. Massage them until you get a nice marbled look. Form three balls and then skewer along the center with a pin to make a hole. Bake for about 15 minutes. Let cool and then assemble into this pretty bracelet.



Long Pendant

Long Pendant These marble pendant are oh-so-pretty! I love the black and white look of the pendant against the gold necklace components. The modern-looking pendant bails are also quite gorgeous. Unlike the pink/white marbled clay from the previous tutorial, these marble pendants were created using three shades: gray, black, and white. After massaging them together, they were cut into rectangles and baked. The pendant was then assembled after cooling.



Flat Circle Beads

We have here a great DIY necklace tutorial for making flat marble-inspired beads. The general idea is to make a round clay bead first, much like the first tutorial we have featured here. You then flatten it with your thumb, making sure that you keep the shape intact. Poke a hole through the center before baking.



Flat Rings

Flat Rings These DIY marble rings are simply gorgeous. The tutorial linked below showcases a different way to come up with the marble look. You don't twist or clump the clay together. What you do is prepare a cylindrical polymer clay in a single color. White should work. You then chop off small pieces of your secondary clay color. Attach them to your white clay and then work them together until you have a nicely marbled piece. Cut into discs or domes to fit your ring base. Bake and cool before attaching to said base.



Vintage Style Bib Necklace

Vintage Style Bib Necklace Yes, you can do more than make marbled-inspired beads with your two-tone polymer clay. If you are feeling adventurous, this lush DIY jewelry project is perfect for you. The marbled bib section is made of two tones of polymer clay, baked and cooled. Once cool, the embellishments were added using E600 glue. Great embellishments to use for this DIY are those with filigree details.



Folded Pendant

Folded Pendant This unique-looking marble pendant is made of polymer clay in black and white. They were fused together and then flattened to showcase the marble effect. An oval piece with pointed ends was then cut off for the pendant. It was folded along the middle with a tiny hole for a jump ring to go through. The marble pendant was then baked and then cooled before assembling the rest of the necklace.



Gemstone Marble Pendants

Gemstone Marble Pendants Most of the marble polymer clay beads and pendants featured here were formed with the use of the hands. However, for those who want their marble jewelry components to have a more refined look, using a mold is highly recommended. A gemstone style mold should be perfect for this endeavor. They come in many shapes and sizes and will be perfect for forming clay pendants.


I enjoyed knowing the different ways to create the marbled effect on polymer clay. It's also great that these DIY jewelry ideas are perfect for using up tiny piece of clay that you may have in your stash. Don't you just love “zero-waste” ideas that produce pretty things?

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I'm a big do-it-yourself gal. You gave me ideas!!! Thank you :-)

This is great!! I can't wait to make some

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