Small and Beautiful Items That You Can Make for the Home Using Copper Pipes ...

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Small and Beautiful Items That You Can Make for the Home Using Copper Pipes ...

Copper pipes can add a touch of industrial chic vibe to any room. They can be great as components for DIY furniture but they are wonderful materials for small projects as well. Several small pieces of copper pipes and some end caps or connectors can give you a lovely DIY décor for the home. Check out some inspiration below:

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1 Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter This DIY copper pipe project requires making a simple square form. The pipes used here measure five inches. There are many types of round pots that should fit the final square that you make. You have to make sure that your pot is secure enough once you insert it in your cute copper pipe planter.


2 Accessories Holder

Accessories Holder If you have a chic industrial look going on in your bedroom, you will want to make this copper pipe accessories organizer ASAP. This project calls for pipes, fittings, and end caps. You will also need a floor flange and wood screws, and a wood plaque. The latter will serve as the base. You can paint it or simply stain it to complement the look of the pipes.


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3 Lamp

Lamp Here we have another DIY addition to your chic industrial home. Just like the previous copper pipe project, you will need a wooden base to make this lamp. You drill a hole for the lamp wire to go through. The hole is also where you will install the vertical copper pipe for the lamp. Since this lighting fixture doesn't have a shade, you will want to use a bulb with low wattage.


4 Picture Frame

Picture Frame This is another easy DIY home project involving lovely copper pipes. Just like the planter idea, you will be making squares or rectangles using the pipes and elbows. For hanging, you will glue copper clips to one side of your frame. As for displaying, you can tape the photos or art to the wall first and then superimpose the copper frame. Of course, you can also glue your photos or art to the underside of the frame before hanging.


5 Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce This is a similar project to the copper pipe lamp. The wood piece here will be used as brace for the wall. Apart from the bulb kit, copper pipes, and elbow connectors, this project will require tube straps and plastic wall anchors. You can also opt to paint the wood base to match your wall color.


6 Wall Clock

Wall Clock Won't this be all kinds of perfect for a man cave? This fun DIY copper pipe idea makes use of copper pipes in two sizes (1.25” and 3.25”), elbows, end caps, and 4 of the t-shaped connectors. You will use the t-shaped connectors and the shorter pipes to indicate the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock marks. As for the base of the clock, you will need a wood plaque with a center hole and a clock mechanism.


7 Wine Rack

Wine Rack Your bedroom isn't the only part of the house that can rock an industrial vibe. Your kitchen should be in on the fun, too. To make this chic wine rack, you will need copper pipes and connectors, leather, and line snaps. If you can't find leather, any sturdy fabric should work. Denim would be a great alternative.


I think I want to try the lamp or sconce idea from this list of DIY copper pipe projects. I could always use another source of illumination in my studio. How about you? Will you be trying some of these projects?

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