You Cant do Christmas Crafts without Mason Jars ...

By Neecey

You Cant do Christmas Crafts without Mason Jars ...

You might already be in a panic because you haven't started your Christmas crafts. Don't worry! If you have a stack of mason jars and a craft stash, there's plenty of time to make some lovely things to decorate your home.

Table of contents:

  1. mason jar candles
  2. easy diy prism light
  3. diy mason jar snow globe
  4. diy snowman mason jar luminary ornament
  5. distressed reindeer ornament
  6. glittery votives
  7. rustic votives
  8. santa painted mason jar
  9. let it snow candles
  10. easy mason jar luminaries
  11. stair votives
  12. mason jar lid snowman ornaments
  13. table candles
  14. mason jar hanging light fixture
  15. candy cane mason jars
  16. simple candle holders
  17. mason jar lid christmas tree
  18. snowy mason jar
  19. snowman mason jar lid ornament
  20. mason jar christmas tree
  21. snowman candle
  22. painted mason jar snowman
  23. white christmas snowflake luminaries
  24. mason jar christmas display
  25. glitter candle
  26. christmas luminaries
  27. illuminated snow scene in a jar
  28. snowflake jars
  29. tree trimmings and mason jars
  30. candy cane mason jar vase
  31. fairy light jars
  32. illuminated snowy scene
  33. mason jar lid ornaments
  34. mason jar cork ornaments
  35. homemade scented candle in a mason jar
  36. luminary with cross
  37. etched mason jar
  38. glitter jars
  39. evergreen votives
  40. mason jar christmas tree
  41. mason jar christmas trees
  42. diy snowflake stamped mason jar

1 Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles Source: Project 19/52: Mason Jar candles

Yes these are plain but you have to know how to make them before you can start with the fancy decorations.

2 Easy DIY Prism Light

Easy DIY Prism Light Source: Mason Jar Crafts Prism Candle

The lovely effect is created by glass beads you can buy at the dollar store.

3 DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Source: Diy Mason Jar Snowglobe

You can have such fun deciding what will make up your snowy scene.

4 DIY Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament

DIY Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament Source: Awesome Festive Mason Jar Crafts

Who doesn't love a cute snowman?

5 Distressed Reindeer Ornament

Distressed Reindeer Ornament Source: Stenciled jars using Hazel and

Ideal addition to a shabby chic decor.

6 Glittery Votives

Glittery Votives Source: Epsom Salt Luminaries easy craft

Isn't it amazing what can be achieved with epsom salts?

7 Rustic Votives

Rustic Votives Source: 37 Magical Ways to Use

Pine cones and lace just shouts country Christmas

8 Santa Painted Mason Jar

Santa Painted Mason Jar Source: Santa Painted Mason Jar

Is Santa Claus coming to town? He sure is. In a mason jar!

9 Let It Snow Candles

Let It Snow Candles Source: Mason Jar Candles! {let it

Things don't have to be fancy schmancy to look good.

10 Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

Easy Mason Jar Luminaries Source: Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries

Loveliness can be created from simple things.

11 Stair Votives

Stair Votives Source: It's a Farmhouse Christmas!

Don't leave the stairs out of your holiday decor with these simple mason jar candle holders.

12 Mason Jar Lid Snowman Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Snowman Ornaments Source: Home - The Melrose Family

These are so cute. They'll add a special touch to any tree.

13 Table Candles


You can put these together in just 15 minutes.

14 Mason Jar Hanging Light Fixture

Mason Jar Hanging Light Fixture Source: Mason Jar Crafts Cool Projects

Christmas mason jars aren't just for the indoors.

15 Candy Cane Mason Jars

Candy Cane Mason Jars Source: Items similar to Home and

Shabby chic candy cane jars are a nice touch.

16 Simple Candle Holders

Simple Candle Holders Source:

All you need is some mason jars, epsom sales or flour, some small candles and some ribbon.

17 Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree Source: Mason jar lid ornament Christmas

How clever is this? And how gorgeously trendy.

18 Snowy Mason Jar

Snowy Mason Jar Source: Gift Ideas: 20 Quick &

Even snow can be elegant.

19 Snowman Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Snowman Mason Jar Lid Ornament Source: Snowman Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Get the kids involved in mason jar Christmas crafts too.

20 Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Mason Jar Christmas Tree Source: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Such a clever idea. The beauty of a tree without pesky pine needles.

21 Snowman Candle

Snowman Candle Source: Outstanding Craft Projects Using Glass

22 Painted Mason Jar Snowman

Painted Mason Jar Snowman Source: I Dig Pinterest: Painted Mason

And this one is a snowman without a candle (probably a good thing as you don't want him melting.

23 White Christmas Snowflake Luminaries

White Christmas Snowflake Luminaries Source: DIY Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Oh so pretty.

24 Mason Jar Christmas Display

Mason Jar Christmas Display Source: Wrapped In Love: Snow Globes

A lovely display for a mantelpiece or console table.

25 Glitter Candle

Glitter Candle Source: Glitter Candle Gift

Snow much fun to make.

26 Christmas Luminaries

Christmas Luminaries Source: Christmas Winter Holiday Painted Mason

A whole selection for inspiration for you to create your own.

27 Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar

Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar Source: Illuminated Snow Scene in a

The illumination takes your snowy scene to another level.

28 Snowflake Jars

Snowflake Jars Source: 15 Winter Crafts for Kids

All you need is a Tippex pen!

29 Tree Trimmings and Mason Jars

Tree Trimmings and Mason Jars Source: A Barefoot Day: Blue Mason
Sometimes, you don't even have to get crafty. Just shove evergreen trimmings in mason jars for a festive display.

30 Candy Cane Mason Jar Vase

Candy Cane Mason Jar Vase Source: 4 Fresh Ways to Decorate

And sometimes a little crafting is worth the effort.

31 Fairy Light Jars

Fairy Light Jars Source: Fairy light jars

Battery operated lights have lots of uses.

32 Illuminated Snowy Scene

Illuminated Snowy Scene Source: 37 Magical Ways to Use

Got some Christmas stencils? Create a scene on a jar. (If you haven't got stencils download some printables.)

33 Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments Source: 37 Magical Ways to Use

You know that old flannel shirt in the thrift shop pile? It makes a great backing for tree decorations.

34 Mason Jar Cork Ornaments

Mason Jar Cork Ornaments Source: Meet the Masons: 30 Jar-Inspired
And if you haven't got an old flannel shirt, use cork instead.

35 Homemade Scented Candle in a Mason Jar

Homemade Scented Candle in a Mason Jar Source: DiY Scented Candle {Handmade Holidays}

Take your homemade candles up a notch by making them scented.

36 Luminary with Cross

Luminary with Cross Source: Christmas mason jar luminary craft

Don't forget the origins of Christmas.

37 Etched Mason Jar

Etched Mason Jar Source: 25 Marvelous Mason Jar Crafts

I think this is quite lovely.

38 Glitter Jars

Glitter Jars Source: 101 Things to Do with

Mason jars. Check. Glitter. Check. Glue. Check. Magical? Check.

39 Evergreen Votives

Evergreen Votives Source: Perfect DIY Votives For Winter

Why are they evergreen? Because you don't have to just use them at Christmas.

40 Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Mason Jar Christmas Tree Source: 37 Magical Ways to Use
I liked the one I showed you early so here's another version.

41 Mason Jar Christmas Trees

Mason Jar Christmas Trees Source: ~ The Feathered Nest ~

Very elegant aren't they?

42 DIY Snowflake Stamped Mason Jar

DIY Snowflake Stamped Mason Jar Source: Snowflake Mason Jar Luminary

The chalky paint finish is just right - don't you think?

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