DIY Christmas Ornaments for the Crafty Girl ...

By Neecey

DIY Christmas Ornaments for the Crafty Girl ...

I have tried all sorts of crafts but have not yet attempted to make Christmas decorations. That's going to change this year as I have a dinky doo 2 year old niece who just loves to get crafty. I'm not sure if ours will turn out as fabulous as these but we're sure going to have fun. Why not run through the ideas and be inspired to get glueing, cutting and sticking yourself?

1 Pimped up Styrofoam Balls

flower arranging, tree, branch, floristry, christmas decoration, You'd never know these are just decorated styrofoam balls.
How to:

2 Christmas Messages

tree, christmas tree, branch, plant, botany, So beautifully simple, Uses scrabble tiles.
How to:

3 Blingy Baubles

tree, christmas decoration, christmas tree, christmas, holiday, Jazz up cheap, plain baubles with glitter and faux gems.

4 Designer Inspired

lighting, fashion accessory, candle, coconut, KATE, Another way to decorate plain baubles is to be inspired by a favorite designer (or another theme)
How to:

5 This Grinch Didn't Steal Crhistmas

green, grass, stuffed toy, amphibian, But he will steal the show
How to:

6 Wax Crayon Baubles

art, glass, produce, jewellery, food, Yep - made by melting wax crayons with a hairdryer
How to:

7 Posh Pine Cones

Shreddies Underwear, color, dessert, food, pompoms, Pimp up pine cones with pom poms
How to:

8 Wish upon a Star

tree, christmas tree, christmas, christmas decoration, plant, Not confident in your crafting skills? Anyone can cut out right?
How to:

9 List to Santa

, Cuteness overload. Everyone in the family should have their own.
How to:

10 Rustic Snowflakes

twig, cross, christmas decoration, flower, So charming!
How to:

11 Easy Paper Decorations

christmas tree, tree, christmas decoration, christmas, holiday, Make these easily with a free printable download
How to:

12 Felt Trees

christmas tree, christmas decoration, earrings, As cute as a button
How to:

13 Melted Candy Ornaments

Retalhos, advertising, poster, banner, Christmas, The perfect way to use up hard candy left over from Halloween
How to:

14 Mini Wreaths

red, christmas decoration, wheel, flower, art, Can you believe these start out as shower rings?
How to:

15 More Felt Trees

christmas tree, christmas decoration, branch, lighting, twig, So easy to make.
How to:

16 Memory Decorations

art, food, dishware, meal, baking, Photo transfer decorations are a sweet way to hang memories on the tree.
How to:


food, dessert, cake, flower, cupcake, Looks good enough to eat but don't bite cos it's made of styrofoam.
How to:

18 No Sew Baubles

red, christmas decoration, christmas, rats, neo, Check out the tutorial because some of this lady's designs are fab.
How to:

19 Snowman Hats

christmas tree, christmas decoration, dessert, food, Have you guessed these are made from Keurig cups?
How to:

20 Mini Mittens

red, crochet, flower, plant, knitting, Can you knit? Then you must try these.
How to:

21 Glass Ornaments

christmas decoration, jewellery, branch, petal, lighting, Pick up some clear glass ornaments from a dollar store and go to town on decorating them. The only limit is your imagination.

22 Edible Cookie Ornaments

tree, christmas, christmas tree, christmas decoration, branch, What could be simpler? Buy ready made dough, roll it out, cut shapes, add a loop and decorate with icing and dragees and edible glitter.

23 Dancing Angel

light, lighting, petal, light fixture, flower, This is so elegant and it's made from crepe paper.
How to:

24 Snowman

snowman, lighting, bottle, Ginger,, He'll light up your life. He's made from a light bulb.
How to:

25 Cute Reindeer

art, pattern, textile, pendant, christmas decoration, Drink a few bottles of wine, save the corks and make a reindeer. Simples.
How to:

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