Glittery DIY Gifts for Moms Who Love Sparkle on Mothers Day ...

By Neecey

Glittery  DIY Gifts  for Moms Who Love  Sparkle on Mothers Day  ...

What girl doesn't love something glittery? Just because she's your mom doesn't mean she won't love something that sparkles on Mother's Day this year. And just because you aren't a little girl anymore doesn't mean Mom won't love getting a homemade gift from you. Each of these projects is easy to get done in time for the big day and is something that your mother is sure to treasure for years to come. After all, who doesn't need a bit more glitter in their life?

1 Coat the inside of a Lampshade with Glitter to Create a Cool Reflective Light Effect

Source: 31 Home Decor Hacks That

2 How to Make Glitter Champagne Flutes

Source: How to Make Glitter Champagne

3 DIY Chevron Wall Art

Source: 10 Easy DIY Wall Art

4 Easy DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Source: First Look - The Beauty

5 DIY Glitter Throw Pillow

Source: Ideas for Homemade Christmas and

6 Glitter Lighted Mason Jar Lamp

Source: Glitter Lighted Mason Jar Lamp

7 DIY Glittery Pink Vases

Source: Icing Designs: DIY Glittery Pink

8 DIY Glitter Dipped Coffee Mug


9 Glitter Statement Rings


10 Revamp Your Sunglasses


11 DIY Glitter Bath Bomb

Source: Little Luxuries: How to Make

12 Glitterize a Floor


13 Make a Glittery Snow Globe

Source: Top 10 Creative DIY Tutorials

14 Glitterize a Pair of Tights


15 Glitter Light Switch Plate

Source: How to Make a Glitter

16 Customized Your Phone Charger

Source: DIY customize your phone charger

17 DIY Glittered Seasonal Wall Hangings


18 How to Make Fabulous Glittered Lanterns

Source: How to make fabulous glittered


Source: DIY: Glitter Pills

20 How to Beautifully Glitter High Heels

Source: DIY | Glitter High Heels

21 Glam up Your Morning Mug

Source: Glitter Travel Mug DIY

22 Ombré Glitter Your Phone


23 Glitter Necklaces

Source: DIY Disco Heart Necklace

24 Glittery Clothespins

Source: 43 DIY Ways To Add

25 Glitter Ice Cubes

Source: Glitter ice cubes (A Subtle

26 Glitter Wall

Source: How to Add Glitter to

27 DIY Glitter Stem Wine Glasses

Source: ArtGlitterBlog: Celebrate In Style With

28 Glam up a Pair of Ankle Boots


29 Glitterize a Desk Top


30 Paint Bobby Pins with Glitter Nail Polish


31 Hair Glitter

Source: How To: Make your own

32 DIY Glitter Sneakers

Source: Glitter Sneakers - Two Sisters

33 Glitter Keys

Source: DIY Glitter Keys

34 DIY Simple Glitter Covered Table Makeover

Source: How to Embed Glitter into

35 How to Make a Glitter Striped Tee

Source: Easy DIY: How to Make

36 Make a Glitter Picture Frame


37 Create Your Own CUSTOM Glitter Colors

Source: Creations By Christie

38 Update a Collar


39 Glitter Heart Mug


40 Glitter up Dollar Store Fake Fruit

Source: Simply Southern, Sweet, Classy and

41 A Glitter Staircase - No Instructions but I Had to Share

Source: 36 Things You Obviously Need

42 BLING Your Flip-flops

Source: D.I.Y - sparkle flip flops!

43 Kate Spade Glitter Studs DIY

Source: Shore Society: DIY Kate Spade

44 DIY Glittered Pots

Source: Easy Mother's Day Gift: Teeny

45 Louboutins, Schmboutins ... Glittery Soles

Source: Restyle.Restore.Rejoice: DIY Glitter Pumps

46 DIY Glitter & Gold Heart Sleeves

Source: Put A Bird On It

47 Chunky Glitter Necklace


48 Glam up a Simple Candle

Source: Easy DIY Glitter and Foil

49 HOW to Add Glitter to Anything without It Falling off

Source: HOW TO: Add Glitter To

50 Glitter Wire Signs


51 Turn All Your Thumbtacks into Sparkly Ones


52 DIY Glitter Headband


53 Customize a Clutch with Glitter


54 Glitter Swizzle Sticks


55 Glitter Votives


And finally - remember
I'm all sparkled out! What are you going to add glitter to?

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