DIY Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love ...


DIY Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love ...
DIY Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love ...

Looking for some DIY Father's Day gifts? How many times are Fathers given useless gifts? Well, I have good news. I have found three useful gift suggestions on YouTube that are sure to please! Look no further than your local Dollar Tree for everything you need in this video for three different DIY Father's Day gifts.

Included are gifts for the fixer-upper, gifts for the Father who is into car-care and one gift for the BBQ pro. Whether you are a granddaughter, Daddy's little girl, a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, a girlfriend, etc. and need a gift, like right now, these gift ideas really are useful.

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Ria's World of Ideas
Published on Jun 3, 2017

Good, huh? Review what you need to buy at Dollar Tree.

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Toolbox Gift Set

An opened toolbox, stuffed with wrapping paper, newspaper or shred. Inside is a compact screw, nuts and bolts organizer and different sizes of screwdrivers and wrenches. Then add pliers and a measuring tape. Simply arrange the items neatly in the toolbox so he can see and be amazed by everything you bought him that he will actually like and use!


Car Gift Set

You need a regular bucket as your vessel. Stuff it with wrapping paper, newspaper or shred. Place inside of the bucket a car sun visor, a huge sponge for washing the car, a soft microfiber cloth, a microfiber mitt, an air freshener and an assortment of name brand Armor All: multi-purpose, protective, wheels & tires and auto glass. He will be impressed!


Grill & Bbq Gift Set

Use a grill tray as the base. Line it with a bbq dish towel.
Buy a bbq spatula and silicone basting brush, making an "X" with them and place on top of the dish towel. Wrap a bow around the tray and the contents. Voila!

Personally, I think these are super gift suggestions for the grandfather, father, husband, boyfriend, father-in-law or maybe future father-in-law, son, son-in-law, etc.

Are there other items you think he would like? Include those items!

Ria has also collaborated with other ladies and their suggestions for DIY Father's Day gifts. Want to know more? Check out the following playlist:

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