Video Guide to Low Cost Christmas Gifts Given with Love ...

By Leiann

Lydia Senn knows the true meaning of giving. She gives suggestions for Christmas presents that have basically no monetary cost but are filled with love.

Lydia Senn
Published on Dec 11, 2017

A few standouts:

1 Recipe Binder

Gather some of your family's favorites. Meaningful. Make copies at the library, ask the librarian to 3-whole punch. Buy a binder at the dollar store.

2 Date Night

Give a couple a night out. Make up a paper gift certificate good for a night of free babysitting.

3 Lawn Mowing

Another gift certificate suggestion. Know any new parents, a person with a health condition, or simply want to do something nice? Again, this is to be done for free. Decline any offers of money.

4 Clean House

Again, a gift certificate suggestion to be done for free. A new Mom, a stressed-out Mom and especially a Mom returning to the workforce would appreciate this.

Lydia Senn's YouTube video is probably one of the best YouTube videos I have reviewed. She tells straight from the heart.

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