Dollar Store Coffee Gift Basket Idea ...


Dollar Store Coffee Gift Basket Idea ...
Dollar Store Coffee Gift Basket Idea ...

These kind of baskets are so useful, show your appreciation, and yet are economical. In this video, learn how to make a coffee gift basket, made from dollar store items.

Select items you yourself would like to receive.

Choose those items that people often take for granted. Everybody likes coffee, but what about being treated to flavored coffee for a change? How about some cappuccino? Do they need cream or sugar? Cups to drink from? What about something to stir with? Maybe some little treats to go along with the coffee, like some cookies, biscotti, cupcakes, or donuts?

Make somebody's day with something so unexpected as a coffee basket... Yes, this type of basket would be cute for a holiday present, but how about just to say you care?

I hope I have inspired you by sharing the above video.

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