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Superb Ideas for DIY Gift Baskets ...

By Leiann

Want some ideas for DIY gift baskets? Having a tough time finding the best gift? Why not make gift baskets? These have become quite popular. Gift baskets are truly a creative gift for anyone to receive.

At a loss on what to place in each basket? Create a theme. For those of you new to the gift basket scene, here are some ideas for DIY gift baskets.

1 Coffee

Flavored coffee, coffee creamer, coffee mugs, artificial sweetener/sugar packets, flavored syrup.

2 Tea

Teacups, teapot, sun tea jar, artificial sweetener/sugar packets, honey, lemon juice.

3 Baked Goods

Donuts, cookies, cookie jar, cookie mix. You can be really creative with this one.

4 Pasta

Drainer, pasta spoon, spaghetti sauce, pasta , canned mushrooms, etc.

5 Father's Day

Car stuff, BBQ stuff, beer, grooming supplies.

6 Mother's Day

Makeup, perfume, jewelry, pamper me stuff.

7 Birthday

This really depends on the person you are giving the present to. What are their hobbies? What is their favorite thing to do? What is their personality?

8 Baby

Diapers, bottles, baby food, clothes, shoes, toys.

9 Get Well

Tea bags, honey, adult coloring book, magic markers, teacup.

10 Anniversary

A picture frame, disposable camera, restaurant gift cards, presents that have the anniversary year such as the 10th anniversary or 50th anniversary, and the like.


1 Gift Basket

Any vessel can be used! Not solely a basket! For example, a box.

2 Shred

Choose a color fitting your theme. Shred goes on the bottom to make a base.

3 Cellophane

Small or big, clear or color. Wrap up the basket!

4 Ribbon

Match with the theme.

5 Bow

Big or small. Different designs too. Match with the theme.

Ok, this may seem like grade school stuff, but those of you women new to crafts, this would be a good place to begin.

Want to learn from a pro? Check out:

As you can see, gift baskets are a good way to earn spare cash or give as a creative gift. Another bonus? Shopping for other people is always fun! A little retail therapy.

Good luck!

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