How to Make a DIY Pamper Hamper ...


How to Make a DIY Pamper Hamper ...
How to Make a DIY Pamper Hamper ...

Want to learn how to make a DIY pamper hamper? Do you need a present and like to be unique and creative? Look no further than a pamper hamper! Nice to give a special person in your life, whether your mother, your BFF, your college student, etc. Let them know you appreciate them.

Before beginning, watch the following YouTube video. Get the feel. Figure out if you would like to follow the exact tips or get inspiration to do something of your own. Either way, you cannot lose! Just remember, ask yourself, "Would I like to receive this pamper hamper?"

Craft of Giving
Published on Nov 4, 2015

Here's how to make a DIY pamper hamper: before beginning, find a vessel (a pretty tray, a gift-wrapped bottom of a box, something flat that can hold the contents). Maybe you already have something in your house to use. If not, search your local thrift store for something unique. Remember, you are wanting to make them feel special.

Then, figure out the "little things". Does that special woman in your life like candy, chocolates, coffee, tea, coffee mugs, pretty toiletries, make-up, perfume, hair accessories, jewelry, etc.? Then, go shopping!

The unique tips on the video were the roses, leaves, ribbon, and cellophane. The socks are unique, useful and make very presentable gifts. The leaves, ribbon and cellophane are the added touches. Voila...a gift.

They always say, when you feel in a funk, do something good for somebody else. Maybe if you are ever feeling that way, you could make a pamper hamper! Not only are you doing something good for somebody else, you are getting a little retail therapy too!

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