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Video Tutorial for DIY Fur Coffee Cup Covers ...

By Leiann

DIY Fur Coffee Cup Covers

We've all heard of fur coats and fur hats, but fur coffee cup covers? A really cute way to feel even cozier than you already feel when drinking your coffee!

Super easy to make! Super easy to remove when you want to wash your coffee cups.

Chelles Glam Home
Published on Dec 7, 2017

While the fur may be found in stores during the Christmas season, you can find on-line at JoAnn Fabric with the following link:

Of course, coffee cups may be found at the dollar store, unless you simply want to decorate cups you already own.

Don't forget your glue gun. My local grocery store has glue sticks in the automotive section... Weird, huh? But you won't need much glue.

I know many of you probably already have a coffee station in your home, but if not, you should really consider... Some cute plaques, some candles, jars neatly containing your sweetener, a cute tablecloth and of course, your fur covered cover cups!

If you have any questions, e-mail Michelle:

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