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Video Guide for DIY Coffee Cup Gift Card Holders ...

By Leiann

Do you like to give gift cards as presents? If so, why not create a gift card holder using a coffee cup? You are probably thinking, has she flipped her lid? No, there is an actual YouTube video about creating coffee cup gift card holders!

Super cute and I bet you have never heard of such a unique way to present a gift.

Published on Dec 17, 2015

Although this video is geared toward Christmas, you can do this for any occasion!

The coffee mug used is a typical travel coffee cup with a lid.

Next, you do not have to follow her exact directions. Do you want roses instead? Daisies? Carnations? Traditional poinsettia?

Following, use any ribbon your little heart desires! Do you realize your options?

Do you want a sticker on top or would you rather have a cute bow?

Stuff some wrapping paper inside, then the gift card and cover with the lid.


Again, a super cute and unique presentation.

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