DIY Instructions 📝 on How to Make ✂️ a Floral 💐 Umbrella ☂ Door 🚪 Wreath ...


Do you always like to decorate your front door? Do you like to do crafts? Would you like to maybe even make someone a nice gift? Would you like to make some spare money by selling something pretty on the side? Want to learn how to make a floral umbrella door wreath? Look no further than this video!

An DIY umbrella flower door wreath is something you could even make in multiples and advertise on or! These two websites allow one to create a shop for free with no fees, unlike Etsy.

Want to see how cute this is? Here you go with directions for how to make a floral umbrella door wreath.

Megan Makes

Published on Mar 30, 2016

1. Supplies Needed

All you need is an umbrella with a curved handle, ribbon, scissors and bunches of fake flowers.

Types of Umbrellas
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