Video Tutorial for a DIY Flower Stocking for Christmas ...


Video Tutorial for a DIY Flower Stocking for Christmas ...
Video Tutorial for a DIY Flower Stocking for Christmas ...

Are you looking for a DIY flower stocking? Sure this is the summer season. But how many of you ladies are already thinking of Christmas? We tell each other in the winter that we wish it were summer, but I think deep down, we are all little girls waiting for Santa and Christmas gatherings with good food and good cheer.

Along with all of this comes Christmas decorating. How about decorating your home with flower stockings?

This is a really cute idea. Easy, too. Here is the YouTube video to demonstrate a DIY flower stocking.

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Published on Dec 5, 2016

Although the videographer used Pound stores, I guess one may call ours Dollar Tree. Everything used may be bought at Dollar Tree! Not too shabby if you are on a limited budget.

Do you ever see homes where the whole house is decorated in bows or lights or wreaths? Why not decorate your whole house in flower stockings? Different and classy.

Start saving plastic grocery bags ASAP this summer.

Instead of using a bunch of pins, the way demonstrated, just leave the stockings the way they are. You do not even need a glue gun. The right size floral foam is good enough to keep the stockings in place.

OK... If you know my articles, you probably know that I am frugal and am always frugal and always finding ways to make spare money when possible. Why not make these flower stockings and sell? Wanting to save money? Design flower stockings as gifts. Just thought I would mention...

I hope you have found this article helpful and Merry Christmas in the summer!

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