Everything πŸ€— You Need πŸ’― to Know πŸ—― about Gift Baskets 🎁 ...

I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about gift baskets. Ms. Frazier is the author of "How To Start A Home-Based Gift Basket Business" and "The Gift Basket Design Book". She is a guru of gift baskets. Want to know anything about gift baskets? Say no more than her YouTube channel listed below or her website GiftBasketBusiness.com!


Her videos cover everything you need to know about gift baskets.

1. Making Money with Gift Baskets

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What did you spend on the items? How much time and effort did you place on such basket? You need to take careful consideration into this when charging money for gift baskets.

2. Occasions to Sell

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Holidays, special occcasions, events such as flea markets, on-line stores, corporate gifts, etc

3. How to Make a Bow

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You need to know this as most gift baskets need a bow!

4. How to Wrap

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Almost every gift basket needs to be wrapped. Doing so makes the gift basket look attractive and makes items stay in place.

5. Where to Buy Gift Basket Items

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Department stores, online stores, specialty stores, even Dollar Tree!

6. How to Market Your Gift Baskets

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Use flyers, business cards, online craft websites, word of mouth, even from your own home!

7. What Baskets and Containers to Use

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Baskets are not the only vessel to use. Boxes, trays, crockpots, plastic containers, etc.

8. Can You Include Food

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Yes, but make sure the food does not expire by the time the gift basket is sold. This is a gift basket that you could lose money on. You have to be careful when buying food items to include, as often gift baskets are placed on a shelf and not rotated.

This is just a summary of what her videos cover and include.

This is truly a good hobby turned business.

Have any questions? Contact Ms. Frazier here:


Good luck and happy sales to you!

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