Christmas DIYs Crafty Girls Still Have Time to do ...

By Deeceebee

Christmas DIYs Crafty Girls Still Have Time  to do ...

Are you one of those who every year starts out thinking they will really get into the festive spirit with some Christmas DIY and crafts, but then never seems to get around to it? You are far from being alone. So many have the same intentions and those intentions fall to the wayside. How about actually following through this year? I have found some video tutorials for Christmas DIYs you can still get done before the big day.

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1 5 DIY Decorations

One of the most popular Christmas DIY tutorial videos on YouTube – 2.2 million viewers can’t be wrong, can they? And the bonus about these decorations is that they are made from recycled materials.

2 20 Cheap and Awesome Christmas Gifts and DIYS

One of the reasons many of us don’t get crafty at Christmas is because we think we don’t have time. Another reason is that we don’t have faith in our abilities to actually reproduce what we’re seeing on the screen. No one wants to think their attempt is going to end up as a “Pinterest Fail”. These 20 Christmas DIYS tackle both those issues. They are quick to make (most around 5-10 minutes) and they are easy.

Having a hard time your pumpkin carving design for this Halloween? Don't fret, we got you covered, dear. Head over to this extensive collection of pumpkin carving ideas you'll want to copy. Browse through this creative list, and you're sure to find a design that'll make your porch the envy of the neighborhood.

3 Christmas Table Napkins

If you genuinely don’t have much time or have left it too late but you still want to add your own personal touch to Christmas, you can’t go wrong with some fancy napkins. They will grace your table and will stand out. It’s an easy way to impress your Christmas lunch or dinner guests with little effort. I’ve included two videos. The first is specific to Christmas an the second is more generally holiday-themed, but these too can be Christmasified: like add a sprig of holly or mistletoe instead of the rose to the crown napkin.

4 Christmas Gnomes

Need something to fill a space like a side or consul table, mantlepiece or fireplace. Make some new Christmas friends to share your home with using socks and rice! These little Christmas gnomes are adorable. I suggest you also read the comments as there are some good suggestions (I love the idea of adding a bell to the hat).

5 Christmas Hacks

And finally, not so much as DIYS and crafts but some really useful Christmas hacks. There are some genius little ideas in this video that are so simple yet make a difference.

Do have some fun getting crafty this Christmas

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