Low-Cost Empowering Hobbies for Women ...

By Leiann

Low-Cost  Empowering  Hobbies  for Women  ...

There are so many empowering hobbies for women. Hobbies release stress and contribute to your well-being. Even if you are always busy, you owe it to yourself to make some "me" moments. Do this with a new hobby. Not sure which new hobby would spark your interest? The following YouTube video, by Alexandra Potora, published on July 2, 2016, shares a ton of new hobbies for you to think about. They aren't boring either! Here are the best empowering hobbies for women.

Here is a little review of what Ms. Potora spoke about...

Table of contents:

  1. learn a new language
  2. photography
  3. golf course range
  4. watch documentaries
  5. diy (challenge yourself)
  6. scrapbooking
  7. explore where you live - a different restaurant, a different store, etc
  8. start a club with your friends
  9. gardening
  10. cooking
  11. painting and drawing
  12. writing
  13. handwritten notes and letters
  14. volunteering
  15. camping
  16. walking and hiking
  17. jewelry making
  18. visiting zoos and museums

1 Learn a New Language


2 Photography


3 Golf Course Range

4 Watch Documentaries

5 DIY (challenge Yourself)

6 Scrapbooking


7 Explore Where You Live - a Different Restaurant, a Different Store, Etc

8 Start a Club with Your Friends

9 Gardening


10 Cooking



11 Painting and Drawing

12 Writing

13 Handwritten Notes and Letters


14 Volunteering


15 Camping

16 Walking and Hiking

17 Jewelry Making

18 Visiting Zoos and Museums

To get to know her topics more, she can be found on Pinterest: pinterest.com

It is OK to have a hobby. You are not being lazy. I know you have to work, but if you don't care for yourself, what good are you going to be? You will be stressed out with a ton of doctor bills, pharmacy bills. If you won't do it for yourself, would you do it for your family and friends? Believe it or not, they need you!

I hope you find a hobby you like! Have fun and do it frequently...you deserve it!

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