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Simple DIY Christmas Cards That Are Cheap and Personal ...

By Deeceebee

I think you're going to love these simple DIY Christmas cards!

Do you promise yourself every year you're going to make your own Christmas cards but decide you either don't have time, you don't have a stash of craft materials or it's too complicated? These DIY Christmas cards are simplistic but beautiful and oh so easy to make. You don't need any special crafting skills but you can certainly indulge your creativity.

1 Jeweled Baubles

material, play, nail, jewellery,Source:

2 Fabric Gift Boxes

text, gift, paper, greeting card, font,Source:


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3 Santa Hat Card Collage

red, product design, petal,Source:

4 Paint Chip Christmas Trees

text, line, font, triangle, graphic design,Source:

5 Minimalist Snowmen

red, line, wing, airplane, aircraft,Source:

6 Easy Snowman Cards

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7 DIY Christmas Cards: Frosty the Snowman Card

product design,Source:

8 Washi Tape Tree Cards

gift, christmas ornament, font,Source:

9 Ribbon Tree

pink, product design, product,Source:

10 Mums Make Lists ...: Making Christmas Cards with Kids

snowman, gift, christmas ornament,Source:

11 Q-Tip Painted Christmas Trees

christmas ornament, gift, christmas tree, font, product design,Source:

12 Button Wreath

green, fashion accessory, jewellery, bead, jewelry making,Source:

13 Pop up Christmas Tree

product, product design, christmas tree, christmas decoration, christmas ornament,Source:

14 Paper Loop (or Ribbon) Christmas Tree

gift, product design, paper, font,Source:

15 Glittery Reindeer

lighting, glass, jewellery,Stencil a design on paper and fill with glitter. Use extra-hold hairspray to seal glitter.

16 Embroidery Thread Trees

product, product design, paper, font,Source:

17 Watercolor Stocking


18 Potato Stamp Penguins

vertebrate, flightless bird, design, pattern, font,Source:

19 Stitched Shapes

heart, box, gift, heart, paper,Source:

20 PAsta BowTie Wreath

christmas ornament, christmas decoration, wreath,Source:

21 Torn Paper Tree

christmas tree, christmas decoration, wood, christmas, christmas ornament,Source:

22 And if You Need Some Messages ...

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