7 Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Still Make ...

Looking for homemade Christmas gift ideas this year? Here are some ultra easy yet useful and very lovely gifts that you can easily make! It doesn’t matter if you’re Suzy homemaker, or whether you don’t have a single crafty bone in your body! These homemade Christmas gift ideas are easy to pull off, and they make impressive and sweet gifts for your loved ones. I have 7 ideas for you to choose from, so keep on reading if you’re ready to dive in!

1. No-sew Blanket

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One of my homemade Christmas gift ideas is a blanket! Don’t worry, there is no sewing involved! Depending on how big you want your blanket, buy a couple of yards of fleece. Cut the material into two squares the exact same size. Cut fringe around all of the edges. Now go back and tie the fringes together individually. You’re done! You can use two different patterns that coordinate for a fun twist on this gift.

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