38 DIY Christmas Trees of All Sorts Crafty Girls Will Adore ...

By Neecey

38 DIY Christmas Trees  of All Sorts Crafty Girls Will Adore ...

I am thrilled to bring you this selection of DIY Christmas trees! Why? Because there are so many fabulous designs and ideas. Whether you haven't got enough space for a regular tree or you just want something different, there's sure to be something among these DIY Christmas trees to make you go, "Ooh, I must have one of those!"

1 Magazine Christmas Tree

Source: How to Make a Magazine ...
If you're environmentally-conscious, there are DIY Christmas trees sure to please. I love that magazines are made from paper and here paper is being made back into a tree. You could use old (damaged) books too.

2 Funnel Tree

Source: DIY Christmas Tree Cones For ...
Get some funnels from the dollar store, pick up some ribbons or fabrics and hey presto!

3 Doily Trees

Source: DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas
Oh my, how cute and fancy are these.

4 Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Source: How to Make Plastic Spoon ...
How do people come up with such creative ideas?

5 Cardboard Christmas Tree

Source: 25 Extraordinary Christmas Trees Designed ...
This is extraordinary.

6 Paper Christmas Trees

Source: Fold a fir tree | ...
You can fill your space with small trees.

7 Santa Trees

Source: Pams Party & Practical Tips: ...
There are lots of ideas for ways to decorate Styrofoam cone trees but this must be one of the cutest.

8 Chalkboard Tree

Source: 38 Fabulous DIY Christmas Trees ...
A Christmas tree you just wipe away when the holidays are over.

9 Gold and Silver

Source: Christmas Tree Cones | Like ...
Decorate Styrofoam cones with fancy silver and gold ribbon.

10 Table Top Christmas Tree

Source: Holiday decorations as close as ...
Made from fresh evergreen clippings and florist oasis.

11 Alternative Christmas Tree

Source: Green Christmas Decorations – The ...
I guess that's what you call minimal.

12 Fabric DIY Christmas Trees

Source: 38 Fabulous DIY Christmas Trees ...
Fab-u-lous dahling!

13 Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

Source: Pallet wood Christmas trees
Another great way to recycle wood into new trees.

14 DIY Wire Hanger Christmas Tree

Source: DIY Wire Hanger Christmas Tree ...
So easy and resourceful to use wire hangers to make the tree forms!

15 Fruit Tree

Source: imagenes, fantasia y color: MANUALIDADES ...
Who said you can't have an edible tree.

16 Cork Christmas Tree

Source: How to Make a Wine ...
A great excuse to drink more wine.

17 Handmade Burlap Christmas Tree

Source: How to Make a Burlap ...
5 minutes? 5 minutes? Wow!

18 Christmas Tree Canvas

Source: A Savior is Born Christmas ...
This is found on Etsy but you could make your own.

19 PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Source: How-To: PVC Pipe Christmas Tree ...
Modern & gorgeous. Love all the colorful ornaments tucked inside.

20 Sweater Trees

Source: 45 Budget-Friendly Last Minute DIY ...
Who couldn't make these?

21 Silver Branches

Source: Holiday Decorating: Making Sparkly Branches ...
An eye-catching alternative to a regular tree.

22 Branch Tree

Source: Überall & Nirgendwo: PAMK: Weihnachtsbaum ...
I want! I want!

23 Paper Christmas Trees

Source: Paper Cone Tree
So impressive considering it's paper.

24 Tulle Christmas Tree

Source: Tulle tree - OCCASIONS AND ...
You could do this in any color tulle you want.

25 Yarn Cone Tree

Source: Cute Christmas Decoration DIY
Wrap cone in yarn, paint with Elmer's glue, let dry and remove cone!

26 Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Source: 22 Creative DIY Christmas Tree ...
You'll have to save up your egg cartons and make this next year.

27 DIY Christmas Tree Outfit

Source: Sloppy Elegance: DIY
Dare you wear?

28 Ornament Tree

Source: The Dizzy House: The Possibilities ...
A DIY project that results in a Christmas tree that doesn't need decorating.

29 Wire Cone Tree

Source: More Easy Holiday Decorations - ...
After shaping you can spray with spray glue and sprinkle glitter on it.

30 DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

Source: thehomelovers.com
So charmingly rustic and natural.

31 DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

Source: How To Make A Ribbon ...
No one says you have to stick to red and green.

32 Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Source: 17 Apart: DIY: Tomato Cage ...
So easy but effective.

33 Antique Lace Trees

Source: 10 Cute Cone-Shaped Christmas Trees ...
All you need is some Styrofoam cones, old lace, mod podge, gold/silver paint and you're set.

34 Paper Craft Christmas Trees

Source: 3 Christmas Tree Kids Crafts ...
Get the kids involved with this project.

35 Wall Art Tree

Source: 25 Ways to Recycle Christmas ...
Well this sure makes a statement.

36 Light Tree

Do you think this is clever?

37 Candy Cane Tree

Source: 5 Simply Beautiful DIY Holiday ...
Well using them on the tree will certainly save your waistline.

38 Book Christmas Tree

Source: 10 Unique DIY Christmas Tree ...
I'm loving trees you can dismantle and return the bits to their original use.

Aren't people clever coming up with these great ideas? I've already got my tree up for this year but I'm definitely bookmarking some of these to make for next Christmas. What sort of tree do you favor?

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