31 Ingenious Ways to Use Your Noodle ... Your Pool Noodle, That is ...

Ever since I came across a pool noodle when searching for a noodle recipe, I have been obsessed by this foam contraption. I'd never heard of one before (although I did know there are various types of flotation devices) and its name just tickled me. And thanks to my slightly weird, ok, very weird, obsession, I've compiled this list of ways to use a pool noodle - some of which are genius, some not so but fun anyway.

1. Water Sprinkler for the Kids

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Via Pool Noodle Sprinkler for Summer ...
I better warn you now - all these ways to use a pool noodle have nothing to do with swimming, but some might be water-related. Like this one which is a great way to keep the kids cool on hot days.

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