7 Positively Fantastic Ping Pong Ball Crafts ...

Ping pong ball crafts come in forms that range from cute to goshdarn cute. They can be used for home dΓ©cor and toys. They are particularly fantastic for making holiday projects. We have here ping pong ball crafts that you can make for and with your kids. Some are also quite lovely for adding romantic ambiance to any room in your house.

1. Polka Dot Lights

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This ping pong ball craft project is so pretty! You will be needing Sharpies in different colors, fairy lights, and a craft knife for this fun DIY idea. The first thing that you do is poke a hole through one side of a ping pong ball using the craft knife. You then draw teeny dots all over the ball using a colored Sharpie. Repeat on the other balls until you have enough to cover all bulbs of your fairy lights.

Source: hearthandmade.co.uk

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